WAGIC 1997 Strategic Activities

The Council conducted its Third Annual Strategic Planning Workshop February 6 and 7 in Ellensburg, Washington. The participants in the workshop created a variety of recommendations which were subsequently presented to and voted on by the larger council.

What follows are the activities that the Council has agreed to focus on over the next twelve to eighteen months.

Major Project Focus:

1) Fund the development of a Strategic Business Plan for Washington’s Geospatial Information

Fund the development of a statewide strategic plan for the effective collection, maintenance, and dissemination of Geospatial Information. The plan will address:

2) Continue to Support Framework Activities

This focus would involve exploring ways to implement FGDC’s Framework Data Initiate including new projects and support for existing activities through the Washington Framework Management Group.


Continuing Project Activity: In addition to the major projects the council agreed to continue to support several on-going activities.

1) Continue to Implement and Promote Metadata Clearinghouse concept

2) Enhance and maintain WAGIC Web Site

3) Promote use of WAGIC List Server

4) Resolve Council Funding

5) Increase Vendor participation in WAGIC