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Standards Work Group Project Plans:

March 26, 1996

This page provides access to the project descriptions that the WAGIC Standards Workgroup will be focusing on over the next 12 to 18 months.


Create A Review And Update Process For The Guidelines Document

Background: The Washington State Geospatial Data Guidelines was published by the

Washington Geographic Information Council in early Spring 1995 after more than a year's work by the GIC Standards Work Group. For the full benefit of this work to be realized, the Guidelines need to be widely distributed throughout the state of Washington.

The GIC is undertaking a number of activities to promote data resource sharing. There have been a number of guideline and standard developments at the Federal, State and local jurisdiction level. The Standards work group wants to leverage these activities by reviewing the current guidelines and updating them if necessary to facilitate data collection, sharing, and access.

Description of Project: The purpose of the project is three fold: first, to appropriately distribute 'Washington State Geospatial Data Guidelines: Understanding and Sharing Geospatial Data' and second, to encourage and collect comments regarding possible revision and updates to the guidelines and third, create a tightly focused review and update process.

The GIC Standards Work Group will ensure that appropriate distribution of the Guidelines is accomplished. Exposure to the Guidelines from many varied organizational settings should generate comments and suggestions. By the end of 1996, feedback should be collected from as many sources as possible for a review of the Guidelines. At this time, a determination can be made as to whether the Guidelines need to be updated.

This will require appropriate distribution of the current geo-spatial data guidelines and a mechanism to collect comments for incorporation in a tightly focused revision process. This process will also incorporate input from other GIC activities at the local, state and federal levels.

Project Objectives:

Project Tasks:

Prepare and Develop Standards Related Information and Promote GIC Standards and Guidelines

Description of Project: The intent of this project is to provide an activity that focuses on the promotion and operational adoption of the Council's standards and guidelines. The Standards work group recognizes that the creation of standards and guidelines is not an end in itself. The actual adoption and operational use of standards or guidelines by geo-spatial data holders is the goal of the work group.

The Standards work group will develop several cost effective methods to promote the operational use of it products. Focus will be on developing a general understanding of the content and value of using the GIC standards and guidelines by emphasizing the business benefits of doing so.

Project Objectives:

Project Tasks:

Develop a GIC Resource List

Description of Project: The purpose of this project is to create a centralized source of information that will be useful to the application of Geographic Information technology in the state of Washington. The Standards work group recognizes that this particular project lies beyond its normal scope of activity.

The emphasis of this resource list is to step beyond data and metadata considerations and concentrate on the description of the geospatial related infrastructure and resources currently being used in the state. It should not be viewed as an additional place to house metadata.

This resource list would provide value in a number of ways: It would provide 'start-up' jurisdiction with valuable contacts, it would provide the GIC with a tool to identify opportunities for coordination and facilitation, and it would be valuable to existing GIS efforts that are embarking on new projects or are looking for a suitable partnership for data collection or maintenance projects.

Database Approach: Provide a high level list of GISrelated resources in the state of Washington to residents of the state and other political areas as requested. List to be organized primarily by organization (Federal, Native American, state, county, city, other local, private, etc.), followed by nondetailed information relating to GIS software, database, hardware, network environment, number of users, type of data carried, etc. For this effort to work, simplicity of information is important, i.e., something that a representative of an organization can find or put together in 15 minutes or less! An initial set of basic information will provide the foundation for more detailed information in the future.

Project Objectives:

Project Tasks: