Washington State Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)

Standards Work Group Meeting Minutes

August 7, 1996

1:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Department of Ecology,

300 Desmond Dr. Lacey, WA,

Room ROA-32


Joy Denkers, Ecology; Jeff Holm, DIS; Gary Perasso, NGS; Andy Norton, PSRC; Dave Steele, DNR; Gordon Kennedy, DOT

Work Groups Project Status Reports:

Project leads reported on the progress of the three projects. The goal is to have all projects completed within 18 months.

Project #1 - Update Metadata Guidelines

Create A Review And Update Process For The Guidelines Document

Tim Norris, ESD - (360)438-3163 or tnorris@wln.com

Tim wasn't present at the meeting today, but he contacted Joy on Aug 12th to provide an update on the progress of these project. He indicated that he and Liz Kolenberg will be having a pre-meeting on August 15 to suggest ideas and directions for the group. These ideas and suggestions will be brought to the larger group for discussion. They hope to schedule that meeting for sometime in early September.

Project related input to consider from the group at May's meeting

- that the distribution method had both short term and long term components

- that questions need to be asked of people who reviewed or used the guideline --

"How effective has it been for you? Have you used the guideline? If so, how?"

Project # 2 - Standards Promotion & Tools

Prepare and Develop Standards Related Information and Promote

GIC Standards and Guidelines

Joy Denkers, ECY - (360)407-7128 or jden461@ecy.wa.gov

Not much to report here, Andy and Joy hope to have examples of a few tools for hand-out at the GIC conference in November. Tentatively, it is hoped that the following products will be available for distribution:

- general written guidelines on how to establish and implement standards

- a robust metadata documentation tool - DIS "Geospatial Metadata Management System"

- a simple/basic entry level spatial metadata tool - similar to MakeDoc and ReadDoc

- a listing/review of other metadata tools that are avail. or on the market - look for Miter Corps Assessment that due out in Sept.

Project related input to consider from the group at May's meeting

- try to dovetail in these activities with the GIC Conference , consider having materials

available for distribution at the GIC booth which is being designed

- look at common denominator elements -- physical/conceptual/deliverables

- consider migration paths or subset for metadata tools

- look at stand alone desktop tools

- GIC home page metadata workspace???

- wok on collecting documentation tools that are already available and out there

Project #3 - GIS Resource Lists

Develop a GIS Resource List

Gordon Kennedy, DOT - (360)709-5511 or gkennedy@wsdot.wa.gov

Gordon Kennedy provided an overview of the work he's done on the resource list. He's had numerous discussion with individuals and has considered some of the issues of information compilation, distribution, the handling of inquiries, and maintenance of lists. He presented an example of the type of general information that might be applicable from organization.

The group discussed general ideas on the scope of this project. These ideas included:

- initially include GIC member organizations in resource list

- get input directly from the members

- generate resource input forms

- have the information forms filled out by the members

- list general content, distribution and maintenance functions to consider

Resources List Contents

GIS Member Name


Organization Overview/Write-up

GIS Data Description/Themes

GIS Services Available

GIS Operating Environment (Hardware/Software)

Current Overview of GIS Activities/Projects

Information Point-of-Contact

Potential Information Collection Methods

Word/WordPerfect entry template - returned on floppy

HTML entry template - returned on floppy

Supply run-time version of entry software (Access) along w/entry template

Mechanisms for Placing Information on the Internet

Further discussion in the future

Project related input to consider from the group at May's meeting

- this represents an large chunk of work -- we need to make sure we're asking the hard

question "What don't you want this to be?"

- would like to see this project worked on by the Standards Work group at our monthly


- need to address the issue of distribution and in what form...


Jeff Home demonstrated the beta version of the metadata documentation tool that DIS developed under a 1995 NSDI grant. GMMS (Geospatial Metadata Management System.) He explained the various functions the tool is designed to handle and reviewed the premise of the basic, working, and detailed documentation levels that are supported and color coded in GMMS.


Two examples for Resources List information collection will be brought back to the group for review on Sept. 4, 1996.

Jeff Holm will bring a prototype run-time version

Gordon Kennedy will bring a HTML .txt file

Next Meeting:

Sept. 4, 1996

1:30 -- 3:30 PM

Room 2B-18

Department of Ecology -- HQ

If you have any questions about the GIS Standards Work Group please contact Joy Denkers at (360) 407-7128 or jden461@ecy.wa.gov