Washington State Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)

Standards Work Group Meeting Minutes

May 1, 1996
  • 1:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  • Department of Ecology,
  • 300 Desmond Dr. Lacey, WA,
  • Room 1S-16

  • Attendees:

    Joy Denkers, Ecology - Jeff Holm, DIS - Tim Norris, ESD - Andy Norton, PSRC - Dave Steele, DNR - David Buckland, ESRI


    The group had a new face and a new set of hands to aid us in our efforts-David Buckland. David announced that Green River Community College is offering a two year degree in GIS and that students are required to have 300 hours of on-the-job experience. Organizations in need of temporary help may want to contact Dr. Bob Lee at GRCC to see if GIS interns would meet their needs.

    Work Groups Projects

    Project leads reported on the progress of the three projects. The goal is to have all projects completed within 18 months.

    Project #1 - Update Metadata Guidelines

    Create A Review And Update Process For The Guidelines Document

    Tim Norris, ESD - (360)438-3163 or tnorris@wln.com

    Tim contacted a number of individuals who were involved in the initial creation of the metadata guideline. A small group will have its first meeting in June. Team members include Tim Norris, Scott Denkers, Liz Kolenberg, Joe Kabel and Jeff Holm. Tim will report back on the progress of this group.

    Jeff Holm informed us that the Metadata Guidelines was distributed to 150 persons/organizations listed on the GIC mailing list.

    Input from the group on this project included:

    Project # 2 - Standards Promotion & Tools

    Prepare and Develop Standards Related Information and Promote

    GIC Standards and Guidelines

    Joy Denkers, ECY - (360)407-7128 or jden461@ecy.wa.gov

    Andy Norton reported on progress he's had working with local government in the Puget Sound region. He's looking at various metadata/documentation tools used by different organizations. He's interested in tools that take a graduated approach-a migration toward FGDC metadata compliance.

    Input from the group on this project included:

    Project #3 - GIS Resource Lists

    Develop a GIS Resource List

    Gordon Kennedy, DOT - (360)709-5511 or gkennedy@wsdot.wa.gov

    Gordon Kennedy sent along an activity report since he was unable to attend the meeting. There was no response from the E:Mail and flyer distributed to the GIC for volunteers to assist in this project or any of the others. He drafted the following components for the project: scope, data collection, and maintenance.

    Input from the group on this project included:


    Following the status reports, it became obvious that participation is low on a lot of the projects. The group decided to go back to handling the projects within the working group. Our standards meetings will be more like working sessions, with smaller pieces being handled on the side.

    Next Meeting:

    At our next meeting we'll spend time doing further scoping and refinement on the standards promotion/tools and GIS resource lists projects.

    Next Meeting: June 5, 1996

    1:30 -- 3:30 PM

    Room 2B-18

    Department of Ecology-HQ

    If you have any questions about the GIS Standards Work Group please contact Joy Denkers at (360) 407-7128 or jden461@ecy.wa.gov