Geographic Information Council (GIC) Standards Work Group Meeting Minutes - April 3, 1996

1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Department of Ecology, 300 Desmond Dr. Lacey, WA,

Room 1S-16


Joy Denkers, Ecology - Gorgon Kennedy, WSDOT - Tim Norris, ESD - Andy Norton, PSRC

Work Groups Projects:

We met and discussed the three standards projects. What we found was that we each had a certain interest in given project(s) because either:

- we wanted to see follow-up on an existing effort; or

- because it was in line with what we had to do in our present jobs.

The following people have agreed to handle an initially planning meeting on the following projects.

Project #1 - Create A Review And Update Process For The Guidelines Document

Tim Norris, ESD - (360)438-3163 or

Project # 2 - Prepare and Develop Standards Related Information and Promote

GIC Standards and Guidelines

Joy Denkers, ECY - (360)407-7128 or

Project #3 - Develop a GIC Resource List

Gordon Kennedy, DOT - (360)709-5511 or

Please contact one of the following people to let them know your available to help. A flyer was distributed at the GI Council Meeting

Next Meeting:

At our next meeting - status of projects from tentative leads.

Next Meeting: May 1, 1996, from 1:30 -- 3:30 pm

Room 1S-16

Department of Ecology -- HQ

If you have any questions about the GIS Standards Work Group please contact Joy Denkers at (360) 407-7128 or