GIC Standards Work Group Meeting Minutes - February 7, 1996 - 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Department of Ecology, 300 Desmond Dr. Lacey, WA, Room 2B-09


Joy Denkers, Ecology - Liz Kohlenberg, DSHS - Gary Parasso, NGS/DOT - David Steele, DNR - Jeff Holm, DIS

Joe Kabel, DSHS - Scott Denkers, DNR - Andrew Norton, PSRC - David Baldwin, Tacoma, - Mike Wade, Pierce Co.

Overview & Announcements:

The group received a brief review of where the group left off at the last meeting. Reviewed the list of activities that were under consideration.

Jeff Holm announced that DIS will have the GIC video completed sometime in March, and that DIS is considering the construction of a GIC display booth for use at regional conferences.

Tim Norris wanted the group to know that he is interested in getting a user group started in the GIS social sciences arena. For more information contact Tim at 438-3163

Finalize the Work Groups' Task List:

Lengthy discussion about the origin of the proposed activities, what work is involved in each activity, and their value. This was the main topic of the meeting.

We talked about the following ideas: tool sets, distribution and contact lists, promotion of exiting metadata standards, resource directories (high level), resource lists (hardware/software, GPS, GIS, existing standards), and the concept of a central point of access for standards information (internet).

Final agreement was reach by the group to address the following prioritized activities:

1a) Distribution of the metadata guidelines "Washington State Geospatial Data Guidelines: Understanding and Sharing Geospatial Data"

1b) Review contents of the metadata guidelines in December 1996

2) Prepare and develop standards related information and/or tools for distribution at regional conferences

3) Develop GIS resources listing and contact list -- (phased approach)

These projects can be worked on in concurrence and are not necessarily sequentially.


Joy - Printed copies of metadata guidelines will be picked up from DIS and distributed to each member that worked on the document, as well as to each member on the GIC Standards Work Group. Will begin to address the Standards Work Group information distribution by publishing the groups meeting minutes on the GIC's Home Page.

All Members - A projects' description template was handed out to everyone, with space for project title, description, objectives and tasks. It's requested that people take sometime to think about what each of the listed projects mean to them and list what they'd like to get accomplished.

Next Meeting:

At our next meeting we will work on finalizing the description of each of these projects and projected completion date.

Next Meeting: March 6, 1996, 1:30 -- 3:30, Room 1S-16, Department of Ecology -- HQ