WAGIC Meeting Minutes

Here you will find links to specific meeting minutes followed by meeting highlights.

October 2002 - WAGIC Session on the Use of GIS by Washington State Tribes. Presentations by Ray Wiseman, Yakama Nation; Troy Matheny, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission; Tom Curley, Suquamish Tribe.  NSGIC Update: NYC/WTC GIS Lessons Learned; "Saving Lives and Saving Money - An Urgent Call to Build the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Support of Public Safety" - NSGIC seeking support letter from WAGIC; Framework and I-Plan Development Update; ISB/GIT Update.

August 2002 - GIS in Support of Parks and Recreation: Presentations by Bea Lackaff, John Bottelli of Spokane County and Doug Mackey of the State Parks and Recreation Commission.  FGDC State Tribal GIS Forum Meeting; Review of 2001-2002 Budget and Proposed 2002-2003 Budget; Update on Washington State Remote Sensing Consortium; Update ISB GIT Subcommittee Activities; Chair's Call to Review Bylaws for Potential Updates.

June 2002 - WAGIC Session on the use of GIS in Secondary Education: Presentations by Debra Holmes, Karen Dvornich and Peter Hayes.  Introduction of the new CIO of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Remote LandSat 7 Consortium Update; Upcoming ISB GIS Subcommittee Meeting; Proposed Statewide Ortho-Photography Joint Budget Request; Recognition of WAHUG Users Group; Introduction of New WAGIC Chair.

April 2002 - Current GIS Activities of the Federal Government:  Presentations by the U.S. Census Bureau; U.S.G.S.; Initial Meeting of the ISB GIS Subcommittee; Update on Washington Statewide Ortho-Photography Partnerships Survey; Walla Walla County GIS/Ortho-Imagery Consortium; Washington State E-Safety Summit Meeting and the Washington State Transportation Framework; Update on the recent NSGIC Mid-year Meeting; Election of new WAGIC Chair.

February 2002 - GIS in Support of Homeland Security Activities: Presentations by John Mead of PRI, ESRI, and City of Seattle.  Update on recent GeoData Alliance Trustees Meeting; Washington State E-Safety Summit; Election of new WAGIC Chair; Update on the WAGIC I-Team Initiative; Status of the Information Services Board (ISB) GIS Subcommittee.

December 2001 - GIS in Support of Remote Sensing Activities: Presentations by the Washington State Remote Sensing Consortium, Thurston Regional Planning Council, Avista Utilities Inland Northwest Digital Ortho Data Consortium:  Overview of Discussion Draft - GIS Model Bill; Update on recent GDA Meeting; Update on the Idaho, Oregon, and Washington Framework Meeting; Update on the WAGIC I-Team Initiative

October 2001 - GIS in Support of Cadastral Activities: Presentations by the WA State Dept of Natural Resources, City of Seattle Public Utility and Spokane County Assessor's Office.  Annual NSGIC Meeting Report; Ellensburg Strategic Planning Update; Update on LandSat 7 Data Consortium; Establishment of a WAGIC I-Team Committee; Announcement of 3 State Framework Related Meeting.

August 2001 - GIS in Support of Transportation: Presentations by the WA State Dept of Transportation and County Road Administration Board (CRAB). Approval of the 2001 - 2002 WAGIC Budget; Update on Strategic Plan activities initiated in Ellensburg; Update on LandSat 7 Data Consortium; Update on WAGIC's participation in the GeoData Alliance Initiative.

June 2001 - GIS in Support of Health: Presentations by WA State Dept of Health. Overview of the National State Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Mid-Year Meeting; Presentation of the 2001-2002 WAGIC Budget; Update on Strategic Plan activities initiated in Ellensburg.

April 2001 - GIS in Support of Utilities: Presentations by WA State Utilities and Transportation Commission; Spokane County; Avista Utilities.  Pacific Salmon Information Network Update; LandSat 7 Data Consortium Update; Update on Ellensburg Meeting: bi-annual Review of Strategic Plan.

February 2001 - GIS in Support of the Growth Management Act, Buildable Lands and Smart Growth Initiatives within Washington:  Presentations by WA State Office of Community Development; Puget Sound Regional Council; Thurston Regional Planning Council; City of Seattle; Snohomish County; Pierce County and Leroy Surveyors and Engineers, Inc. Update on Ellensburg Meeting: bi-annual Review of Strategic Plan; DNR State Based Mapping Legislation Update.

December 2000 - Business Meeting: NSGIC Annual Conference Report; Proposed Modifications to NCEES Model Law; Geodata Alliance Initiative; OMB Initiative to Accelerate NSDI Implementation; Marshall & Associates Presentation on Remote Sensing Data Sources; LandSat7 Data Consortium Update; Salmon & Watershed Information Management Coordination; DNR Proposed Geographic Information Legislation; WAGIC sponsorship of PSIN video conference.

October 2000 - GIS in Support of Law and Justice Community: E911 CallMapper; Using GIS in Assessment of Citizen Input in Local Public Safety; Emergency Response Map; Using GIS to Research Racial Profiling; Public Sex Offender Registry; Pierce Responder System, Update on DNR Legislative Initiative.

August 2000 - Premier Data Services, SWIM Initiative, Update on DNR Legislative Initiative, ESRI and Mobile GIS, Theme Based Meetings, WAGIC 2000-2001 Budget, WA State LandSat7 Data Consortium.

June 2000 - WA Salmon CD Demo, New Chair -- Ian Von Essen, Metadata Standards Proposal, Utilities & Transportation Commission, WAGIC Budget, Salmon Recovery Information Management Proposal, NACIS.

April 2000
- Global Mapping Technology, Salmon Recovery Initiative, WGA Cadastral Workshop, Chair Candidates, Mid-Winter NSGIC.

February 2000 - Digital Government Plan, Integrated Natural Resources Data System, GDT Community Update Program, Transportation Framework Charter, Salmon Recovery Data Coordination, GIS Leadership Workgroup, Nominating Committee for Chair, WGA Cadastral Workshop.

December 1999 - Welcome new Council Member DOR, Council Vote on Support for IAC Budge Request, DOH - GIS Symposium Update, Salmon Recovery Data Issues, Priority Action Projects Update, GIS Leadership Workgroup, Nominating Committee for Chair, Clearinghouse Updates, Coastal Erosion Study - DOE, Hydro Clearinghouse.

October 1999 - GIS Day; Supplemental Legislative Package; Survey Control Points Data Base; ISB and NSGIC Updates.

August 1999 - August meeting was rescheduled as an Ellensburg planning session that focused on Priority Actions identified in strategic plan

June 1999 - GeoNorth Presentation; Framework Management Group Update; Council Budget Presentation; Final draft of Strategic Plan; Council Outreach and Peninsula Regional Group Update.

April 1999 - Outstanding Service Award; WSDOT Presentation; USGS Washington State Office; Election of WAGIC Chair.

February 1999 - Strategic Plan Presentation: Review of Process; Presentation of Plan; Next Steps, Clearinghouse Update, FGDC Grant Announcement.

December 1998 - Presentation of the first draft of the Strategic Business plan, Update on DFW/GAP metadata clearinghouse activities, Demonstration of LizardTech's Mr. Sid (Multiresolution Seamless Image Database), IRICC Update, Casdastral Framework Project Update.

October 1998 - Presentation of Thurston's GeoData On-line parcel query tool, Presentation of Marshall & Associates Idaho OnePlan Mapping Application, Discussion on ESRI's Local Government GIS start-up grant program, Strategic Business Planning process overview, Clearinghouse update, NSGIC Conference review

August 1998 - USGS Improvements to Washington's Digital Elevation Coverage, Intergraph Products Update, GIC Strategic Business Plan Discussion, FMG- FGDC Cooperating Group Recommendation, WAGIC/WAURISA GIS Forums, Video Teleconference Site Changes, Clearinghouse Operating Group Update

June 1998 - Message from the New WAGIC Chair, NGS Update, ESRI Product Update, Space Imaging Remote Sensing/Satellite Imagery, Motion for New Southeast Regional Coordinator, Standards Workgroup Update, 97-98 WAGIC Budget Report, FMG Discussion, Recognition of Tom Nolan's Contribution as Council Chair

April 1998 - Announce New WAGIC Chair, Enabling Technologies Metadata Collection Tool, Year 2000 Problem Overview, City of Seattle GIS Products and Services, FGDC/NSGIC Framework Survey Update, Framework Projects Update

February 1998 - Legislative Update, Framework Data Survey, CTED Buildable Lands Inventory, Sun Microsystems Product Update, Clearinghouse Steering Committee, Nominations for WAGIC Chair

December 1997 - Spatial Data Management at Hanford, Autodesk Map and Map Guide, Framework Management Group update and discussion about Framework and Local Government.

October 1997 - Thornton Creek Project, MapInfo and delivering map products over the internet by Schlosser Geographic Systems, Inc. WAGIC presentations at National States GIC annual conference

August 1997 - ESRI Product Updates, discussion regarding Local Government Workgroup, Spring Conference partnership possibilities, NSDI project updates, coordination of other GIS projects

June 1997 - Robin Trenbeath - (Snohomish County) retires, Washington State Libraries and Government Information Locator Service (WSL-GILS), new Governor's Cabinet Committee on Natural Resources, update on Washington States Framework Initiatives (pilot projects to create statewide coverages from a mosaic of local coverages along Hydrology, Cadastral and Transportation data themes)

April 1997 - Tom Nolan re-elected to second term as Chair of Council, Council adopts Metadata file transfer format recommendations, update from Community, Trade and Economic Development on their use of GIS, presentation by Nies Mapping on Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quads program, 1997 Strategic Focus.

February 1997 - Recommendations presented to Council by the 1997 Strategic Planning Team, Presentation by City of Seattle on use of GIS to manage emergency response to recent Winter Storms, Legislative update, GPS User Group update on their efforts to create a Survey Control Database

December 1996 - Discussion about upcoming Strategic Planning Workshop, presentations by Thurston (County) Geodata Center, and Framework Initiative meeting activities, feedback on conference and opportunities for improvement

October 1996 - Review and status of WAGIC's progress on strategic activities, presentation by Yakama Indian Nation and their use of GIS, presentation by Benton County and their GIS activities.

August 1996 - Preview of new GIC booth/exhibit, Overview of GMMS a metadata collection tool, vendor presentation by ESRI.

June 1996 - Preview of new GIC Promotional Video, presentations by Ecology and Green River Community College

April 1996 - Tom Nolan voted in as new Chair of GIC, Clark County GIS overview, Geospatial Metadata Management System overview, and GIC Conference planning update.

February 1996 - Adoption of updated GIC Purpose & Goals Statement, WADOT new ArcInfo Project for Critical aquifer & wellhead protection zones, discussion of GIC sponsored GIS conference and GIC funding opportunities

December 1995 - Strategic Planning Process results, Spokane GIS integration presentation

October 1995 - GIC Home Page, NSDI Grant Status, NSDI request for "cooperating group" agreement

June 1995 - Modifications to Bylaws, GIOS, GDI, FGDC Metadata, 2000 Census, GIC Home Page demo

February 1995 - GIS Employment Security, DOT endorsement, proposed legislation of HB1506, USGS Grant Status

December 1994 - GPS committee report, Grants for Technology, DIS/GIS initiative, DATA 96, Access guidelines

October 1994 - Open records, Seattle area libraries and GIS, Librarians and GIS, New business

August 1994 - Open records, Washington Surface Water Identification System, Standards committee

June 1994 - Social and Health Services/GIS, Fed. activities (FGDC), Open records, Election and Installation of Chair

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