Washington State Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)

August 21, 1997 Meeting Minutes

Videoconference meeting originated from: Lacey, WA

Introductions, Tom Nolan, WAGIC Chair

  • From Seattle, Tom Nolan welcomed members viewing this meeting from Mount Vernon, Pasco, Spokane, Lacey, and Vancouver. 
  • Department of Fish & Wildlife update on the awarded NSDI grant for the development of a Biological Clearinghouse Node, Jim Eby, Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

  • The Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) has made a decision to become more involved with the WAGIC. Currently GIS in the agency is highly decentralized, as they have four or five centers of GIS activities. Jim Eby said he views his role as being a coordination point and communication facilitator for DFW and the WAGIC. He is looking forward to working with the council and he said people could contact him if they have any questions about GIS at DFW. (360-902-2512,ebyjre@dfw.wa.gov)

    The Department has been awarded an NSDI grant for the activity of creating a biological clearinghouse node. DFW is initiating this activity in October, and they want to become part of the existing clearinghouse node activity already initiated by WAGIC and DIS. Jeff Holm (DIS, WAGIC Coordinator) told Jim that the WAGIC would look for ways to coordinate with DFW in this effort.

  • ESRI Introduction and Product Update, Eric Bishop, ESRI Representative

  • Eric Bishop is the new Washington State sales representative for ESRI. Also with him at the meeting was Julie Keller, a new inside sales ESRI representative.  

    Eric announced that the Northwest Arch Info Users Group conference will be held in Seattle on October 7-10, 1997. On the 7th there is a pre-conference workshop on Internet mapping. This workshop will show how the ESRI Tool Kit can be used for mapping, plus case studies from users in the community and snapshots of the users’ codes or applications. People can learn more about this conference by accessing the Conference’s Web site www.pan.ci.seattle.wa.us/util/gis/home/html, or you can e-mail Eric at ebishop@esri.com. ESRI is expecting 400-600 people from the user community to attend the conference and they plan on registering approximately 26 vendors.

    Eric mentioned that ESRI is considering holding some Spatial Database Engine (SDE) Seminars around the Northwest. These seminars would cover areas such as the integration of ESRI technology and the new technology of map objects (VB programming & Arch Info 7.1.2).

    Eric asked for feedback from the WAGIC concerning the NW Arch Info Users Group Conference and the possible SDE Conferences.

  • Jeff and Tom have asked John Schlosser (Schlosser, Inc.) to come talk to the WAGIC about map info at their next meeting in October. The Council welcomes the opportunity to learn more about the products and services offered by this firm.
  • Discuss ideas on how to continue to improve the Local Government Workgroup (LGW) meetings, Tom Nolan and Jeff Holm

  • Steve Hillesland, the Interim Chair of the LGW, was not able to attend this meeting, so Jeff Holm and Tom Nolan will facilitate the discussion.  

    Jeff Holm stated that Steve will probably not be able to travel to the extent that Robin was able to for the LGW meetings. Jeff asked the local jurisdictions if they felt it is necessary for the chair to travel around the state for the meetings. Because if people believe it is important for the chair to travel a proposal could be made that some of the travel expenses be paid with WAGIC funds from the new funding program. Jeff recommended that the council also discuss the following issues: ‘How can we make use of the local government forum to expose some of the GIS issues that are specific to local government, and then use the forum to resolve these issue?’ Plus, ‘how can the WAGIC get more local jurisdiction involvement for the LGW?’

    Feedback on these issues:

  • Jeff recommended getting all this information to Steve and then putting together a letter about what we can do to improve the local government workgroup meetings. Tom, Jeff and Steve will put this information together for the workgroup. (reference to the enclosed LGW Summit meeting Flyer)

    Randy Mills asked if they could discuss this issue at the next LGW meeting in Spokane next month (September). Someone asked if this meeting was still going to occur. Jeff will follow up with Steve to see if this meeting is going to be held.

  • GIC '98 Conference Possibilities, Tom Nolan

  • The Council made a previous decision to hold the GIS conference every other year instead of yearly. Tom said that he has received many inquiries from people that are interested in participating in the next WAGIC conference.

    Tom asked the Council three questions:

    1. Should the Council have a WAGIC conference in the Spring of ‘98?
    2. Should the WAGIC work with WA State URISA to run a Spring ‘98 conference?
    3. Where should the WAGIC conference be held?
  • Jeff Holm mentioned that the Council had been approached by the newly forming Washington State URISA about partnering with them to hold a conference in the Spring. Jeff stated that it takes a lot of work and a commitment from a minimum of 6 or 7 organizations to put together a successful conference. He mentioned that the benefit of partnering with URISA is that we could spread the workload out. Jeff asked what other people thought about having a Spring ’98 conference.
  • Tom Nolan asked what the goal of the conference should.
  • Anyone who is interested in being involved in the conference planning and coordinating should contact Tom or Jeff.
  • Project Coordination with the Dept. of Community, Trade & Economic Development (CTED), Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR), and Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC), Kitty Wiseman (IAC)

  • Kitty stated that the IAC is coordinating with CTED and DNR to gather data from local governments. These departments discovered that they are all going to be asking for similar GIS data from local governments, so they decided to do the outreach strategy in coordination with each other. DNR and CTED are working together to gather data concerning growth management. IAC is gathering data on public land ownership around the state. The departments decided to work together to gather this data and explain why they need the data in order to improve contacts between state and local governments. They will be writing a joint letter that introduces the projects and asks for this information together. They are interested in working through the WAGIC local government workgroup to approach local governments and gather the data they need.  


  • Cadastral Framework Activities, Larry Sugarbaker, Dept. of Natural Resources

  • Wednesday, August 27, is the next Framework meeting at the United Churches between 10:00-3:00. Agendas are being sent out and information pertaining to this meeting is on the WAGIC Homepage.  

    There are three efforts currently underway to develop framework data layers for the state: 1)Transportation, 2)cadastral, and 3)Hydrology.

    Progress on cadastral project:

  • Washington State Geospatial Clearinghouse Initiative, Jeff Holm, WAGIC Coordinator

  • This presentation focused on what a clearinghouse means to WA State and how it fits with the other FGDC/NSDI activities (framework and metadata).  

    Overview of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI):

  • (fgdc.er.usgs.gov)
  • The Clearinghouse & it’s Architecture:

  • Questions:
  • Closing Site Roundtable, Council

  • Randy Mills encouraged people to try the clearinghouse on the WAGIC webpage so they can further understand how the clearinghouse works 

    Tom Nolan told people to contact him or Jeff Holm if they have any comments about this meeting or ideas for future meetings.

  • Meeting Adjourned: 12:00 p.m., next meeting October 16, 1997 at 10:00 a.m.