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December 5th, 1996 Meeting Minutes

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Video tele-conference meeting orginates from Lacey WIT site, Chair is in Lacey


At 10:00am, from Lacey, Chairman Tom Nolan welcomed members viewing this meeting from Lacey, Spokane, Pasco, Seattle, Vancouver and Mt. Vernon. Tom announced that Jeff Holm (WAGIC Coordinator) would not be at the meeting today.


Andrew Kenny - An update on the GIS activities at Thurston Geodata Center:

Developing a Web Site for TGC currently working with the commission to determine what parcel base information will be made available on the website.

We've just implemented a new, ArcView application that serves as a Front Desk tool allowing counter staff to query parcel data base by parcel number or range township section number. Database has zoning, fire district, school district, planning areas, flood plan information as well as parcel information (assessed value, acreage unimproved areas, improved area, sq foot of residence etc.)

Staff has been pleased with the amount of information they have at their finger tips to answer front counter questions. (reduced time to respond to inquires by about 40%)

We customized the Arc View interface for the applications and we'd be glad to discuss the details with anyone if they would like to give me a call. (360) 754-4458.

Thurston County was flown in June and July of 1996 to generate complete otrhophoto coverage for the the county (except for the Capitol Forest and certain timber stands in the Southeast part of the county) to the following tech specification:

Thurston GeoData Center currently has a GIS Application Specialists position open - please contact Andrew Kinney (360) 754-4458 if you are interested or have questions.

Steve Hillesland - NSDI Chicago Meeting

Attended the NSDI Planning session in Chicago Nov 6,7,8 at the request several county executives. The purpose of the meeting was to review and update NSDI plans and to discuss how to fine-tune the implementation processs. For a national meeting there was good representation from federal, state, local and to a more limited extent, tribal representatives.

(see the FGDC Web site for more details (

Larry Sugarbaker - Update on Cadastral Scoping Workshop held December 2nd and 3rd in Seattle.

DNR took part in a FGDC Cadastral Scoping workshop held in Seattle December 2nd and 3rd. There were representatives from the NSDI's Cadaster Standards Group at the meeting. There is significant local interest in the federal standard and in getting a Washington state project started. The nature, scope and time line for will be determined through a series of meetings to be held early in '97. The council will also have the opportunity to discuss it's role and support of a Framework Data initative at the upcomming planning session in Ellensburg.

The general objectives of the initative will be to:

The project will require a large committment but presents exciting prospects - DNR is looking forward to playing a significant role in coordinating and conducting the project.

Question posed by Tom Nolan - What are the potential benefits to the local juristictions of becomming involved in the project or initative?

Larry's response: Each juristiction will need to make a descision for themself, certain organizations that are in a start up cadastral data collecting mode could realize significant cost savings - long term benefits could include :


(In Jeff's absence Tom provided an update based on a brief phone conversation with Jeff)

Conference attendance was approxmately 225 to 250 people

Comments from the Conference Survey generally indicated that people were pleased with the conference - particularly for an initial effort.

(Tom called for comments from others at the meeting)

Pasco - three people from here attended - generally very postive but would like more technical sessions , also would like more focus on small community and rural issues as opposed to large city orientation

Robin Trenbeath - attended and thought it was excellent - comment from a teacher .. "concentrate teachers track to one day' would allow more educators to attend. Managerial oriented presentations were well done - I would vote to do it again.

Tom Nolan - Timing in Seattle - it happen to be parent/teachers conference week so may have created some scheduleing conflicts

Kathryn Womble - Librarian UW Was not clear who the audience was for the conference, went to ed night - good presentation but not very many teachers there - day-time presentation in education too high level and general. Would specifically like actual demo of getting data off internet and importing into ARC View for use

Steve Hillesland - education track should be scheduled to encourage more teachers and we should have practioners from around state share what they know about using GIS in the classroom.

Joy Denkers (only Conference Planning Committee member present at meeting) generally, an excellent first conference - the committee was not trying to duplicate the many other GIS conferences

Audience was intended to be the juristictions that was looking for GIS start up information, and educators that were intereted in using GIS in the classroom. If we do it again we should; get teachers involved in on the planning of GIS 97

- conference was not specifically for technician yet the content of some of the workshops was very technical (ie Metadata and Clearinghouse Workshops)

Tom Nolan- Thanks to Jeff Holm and Lynn Kennedy, DIS and the rest of the Conference Planning Committee for their efforts.


Tom called for the councils ideas for the annual planning session, to start the discussions he offered the following

Comments from the various sites:

Ian Von Essen (Spokane site): supports planning session, appreciates having the time to focus on the issues, 2 day centrally located works best starting mid morning first day and ending mid day the second day.

Robin Trenbeath (from Yakima site): centrally - Ellensburg , last part of Jan, prefer 2days - would like to use the basic approach that we used in Wenatchee (Oct. '95) - id the major projects and who is going to conduct them

Randy Mills (Pasco site): 2 days ok, Ellensburg sounds like a good location

Ben Gassaway(Vancouver site): these planning sessions help integrate local govt - 2day format preferable - traveling during day hours

Steve Hillesland: mixed emotions in general about planning but this group has a history of having productive workshops - perhaps at Summit Inn

Tom Nolan: What are some of the issues we should focus on? How can we make the council more useful ?

- network of professionals opportunity to know and work with - would like to get more GIS professionals/managers involved

Robin - need to discuss funding options and solutions and start working on implementing them - like to see a major focus on this at the planning meeting

continue discussion on outreach with focus on determining what stakeholders want out of GIS and the council

Larry Sugarbaker (Lacey site): focus on strategic implementation rather that developing new plans. Constructively put together action plans - priortize actions for the next 12 - 18 months

I'm encouraged by the participation of local governments and would like to find ways to work together outside of bimonthly meetings

As we are growing do we need to change the structure of the council - does the council need a board?

Mike Simpson Timber - first meeting to let know private sector know what GIC is - it does not seem to be well known in the private sector

Bruce Deloria (923-4945) from Washington State Emergency Management (Military Department) introduced himself - he is very interested in learning about existing GIS data that would help EMS (Tom & Jeff will work with him to get him on the agenda at a future meeting for more discussion)

Tom Nolans summary - centrall located, 2day session, topic ideas; action plans, board and council structure, and funding.

agenda/process suggestion - 1.5 meeting .5 for work group meeting

Kim Ratlingtail (Mt Vernon site) be careful about establishing membership fees - may loose smaller players, educators and local government if membership fees are too high.

Tom & Larry response: Fees likely to be voluntary, so that it does not limit participation in council


Joy Denkers - Standards Workgroup - look forward to seeing draft work products in the early part of '97 including:

Dave Steele - GPS User groups - a Control Points Data base - standard reporting of survey data - will have more to offer at next council meeting

Larry - Framework Initative - process of reviewing federal standard Cadasteral - activity outside of Standards committee - look for ways to coordinate

discussion about coordination between the Framework Initative group and WAGIC Standards Workgroup.

Joy announcement - Department of Ecology is currently envolved with a project to clean-up hydrography data layer - in effort to move to surface stream unique name - would like to coordinate with some local juristictions- question to Robin - could we sit in on next Local Government Sub-group meeting (Jan 17 at DIS in Olympia)? Robin - absolutely!

ROUND TABLE of SITES: What are people doing? announcements, or informal

Seattle - looking at mapobjects does anyone have any experience with the multitude

Mt Vernon: Comming as observers - what would we accomplish by becoming member - send request to JH - very informal process Regional groups can nominate individuals -

Pasco: Rudy Processor - Using Map Objects Lite - exciting 500$ with unlimited user lic, Also working with ESRI's Internet map object server - looks very capable,

Randy Mills - can we have more than multiple members from each site - yes

- any white papers or policy on desiminating info to the public

- would like to see the Web site kept more up to date

Governers Work Group on Comercial Access to Public Records has information on web related to their recommendations about the access to public records for commercial purposes (see

SEATTLE: (Kathryn Womble - UW) what does it mean to be a member vs being on the mailing list- needs clarification - where is the Framework Data Project headed and time frame- is it an internet data server? (Larry) we have similar questions - over next few months we will be developing the scope of that project and would be happy to notify you regarding the meeting times and places

SPOKANE: Spokane County (Ian) Develop a front counter Public Works Query Application that provides parcel related information.

Wrote using Visual Basic and Map Objects for several MS SQL and MS Access data bases - put on 25 pc - easier install on WIN NT desktops, WIN 95 platforms have been more of a challenge. Users have been excited about accessing parcel and road data - 30 to 40 zoning request a day

VANCOUVER: Clark County is working with Cowlitz County and Pacific County to help them with GIS implementation issues Pacific County will be visiiting Clark for ideas re implementing GIS

Clark County is moving the Clark View (ARCVIEW) counter top application to Map Objects to allow quicker retraval of data expecting to be able to support 250 to 300 queries a day

intending to have an internet app shortly after the first of the year

YAKIMA: Cindy Arabhamson - enjoyed Conference particulary the Census Workshops served to give good technical grounding in what to expect for Census 2000. Tribe is considering membership Going to work for King County in near future.

Robin - (from Yakima) due to the poor winter driving conditions, the 1pm meeting of local govt group will be cancelled this afternoon - next meeting is Jan 17th at DIS 10am.

Meeting Adjourned approx 11:35 am