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October 1995 Meeting Minutes

October 19, 1995 meeting originated from the Wenatchee ESD

Opening and Introductions

From Wenatchee, Clare Donahue welcomed the Lacey, Seattle, Vancouver, Spokane, and Pasco sites. Due to the absence of Steve Hillesland, the National States Meeting agenda topic was rescheduled for the next meeting. There was discussion of re-scheduling the December meeting from the 21st to earlier in the month and of originating it from Spokane. GIC support staff will investigate rescheduling and notify the membership of any changes.

New Member for Central Region - Robin Trenbeath

Robin introduced Richard Ries, Information Services Director from Okanogan County, as a nominee to represent the Central Region. Robin's motion was seconded by Larry Sugarbaker and all were in agreement.

National State Meeting - Steve Hillesland

Will be discussed at the next meeting.

Review of GIC Planning Session - Clare Donahue

Clare presented a recap of the GIC planning session that preceded the regular GIC meeting. The Wenatchee planning sessions were conducted on Wednesday afternoon, (10/18) and Thursday morning, (10/19). The initial discussions focused on reviewing GIC purposes and goals, strengths and weaknesses, new directions and initiatives, and developing a list of potential GIC activities. This planning session will be followed up by one tentatively scheduled for December in Spokane. Notes from the planning session will be distributed for comment by the membership before the next meeting.

Local Government Workgroup Report - Geospatial Data Initiative -

Robin Trenbeath

Robin made a motion that the council adopt and publish Geospatial Data Guidelines: Understanding and Sharing Geospatial Data, the document which was developed by the GIC Standards Workgroup. It was seconded by Carol Jenner.

Standards Workgroup Report - Joy Denkers

Joy stated that the Standards Workgroup will be meeting on November 15th at Ecology. They will review any outstanding issues that need to be addressed and will discuss how they should function.

Census Workgroup Report - Carol Jenner

Carol, Jay Clark and the visitors from the Census Bureau, Wendy Holly and Rick Campbell, indicated that good cooperation continues between local and state government and the Census Bureau. Digital exchange will be available soon through the Census Bureau.

Electronic Communications Workgroup Report - Jeff Holm (for Ann Bregent)

The new GIC Home Page is available at: A map graphic has been created by Joy Denkers that highlights the boundaries of the seven GIC regions and locates the WIT teleconference sites utilized by the GIC. This graphic will become an 'image map' for use on the GIC Web site. It will allow users to 'click' on the sites or a specific region to get more detailed information. Jeff reminded the members about the GIC E-Mail discussion group that will be administrated by Jim Cooper. Jim hopes to have 'listserv' available by the end of December for those members who want to subscribe.

Jeff indicated that the workgroup anticipates the need to further refine their role and activities in support of the GIC's recently adopted Outreach Strategy.

Georeference Workgroup Report - Dave Steele

Dave reported that the Georeference Workgroup has been meeting in conjunction with the GPS Users meeting. Clare Donahue suggested making an offer to the GPS Users group for some video conferencing time at an upcoming GIC meeting. Dave will check with the GPS group to see if there is interest.

Grant Status - Jeff Holm

Approval was received from the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) to fund the GIC's proposal to set-up a NSDI Clearinghouse node on the internet as a means to make geospatial metadata available. Work on the project has started. Initial activity will involve setting up an internet testbed server and developing several levels of metadata compliance that will allow creators of geospatial metadata a pathway to full FGDC compliance. (For details of the NSDI proposal see the document listed on the GIC Web site under 'About GIC'.)

Jeff also indicated that there is interest in exploring the similarities and differences between the FGDC approach to making geospatial metadata available and the Government Information Locator Service (GILS) approach. Although this is not an activity funded under the NSDI grant, it certainly is of importance to the Council and the future of geospatial data access.

Federal Liaison, Larry Sugarbaker

GIS received a letter from the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) requesting that the GIC consider entering into a 'cooperating group' agreement with the Federal Geographic Data Committee. This agreement would give special recognition to the GIC and would cement an understanding regarding the role the NSDI and GIC would play in advancing the NSDI. A copy will be sent out for comment and discussed at the next meeting.

There was discussion initiated by Clare regarding what the GIC could do to pro-actively take a stance on the potential dismantling of the United States Geographical Survey (USGS). Clare wondered if the demise of USGS will have an effect on GIC membership and suggested that the GIC make their position known. The issue was left open for further discussion.

Closing Remarks

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