Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)

June 20, 2002

Teleconference originating from

DIS Interactive Technologies, Spokane, WA


Introductions – Ian Von Essen, WAGIC Chair – From Spokane, Ian opened the meeting and welcomed council members in Bellingham, Tri-Cities, Spokane, Seattle, and Lacey. 


Meeting Theme: The use of GIS in Secondary Education

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§         Introduction of new CIO of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction – Marty Daybell

§         School Bus Routing goes High-Tech – Introduction to SMARTR for Schools: Transportation Module – Debra Holmes, Central Valley School District, Spokane 

§         How Nature Mapping Schools are using GIS for their Research Projects – Karen M. Dvornich, National Director for Nature Mapping Program

§         GIS in Secondary Education; Promise, Progress, and Peril – Peter Hayes, Lakeside Middle School, Seattle


Business Items

Remote Sensing LandSat 7 Consortium Update – Jeff Holm

The Washington State Remote Sensing Consortium (WARSC) has received and performed QA/QC on all the terrain corrected pilot project LandSat 7 data.  The data will be distributed in a CD format and those are under a final review.  It is expected that the consortium partners will have data in hand before the end of August and be available to the larger GIS community late this summer. The Office of Community Development has funded the purchase of 43 additional scenes of LandSat data.  The consortium’s special relationship with EROS allowed them to take advantage of purchasing power and data standards to acquire this data in a matter of weeks. 


Upcoming ISB GIT Subcommittee Meeting

The newly created Geographic Information Technology Subcommittee of the Information Services Board is focusing on issues related to coordination and leadership in the use of geographic information technologies.  Digital-ortho photography has been identified as a key data theme that is important to state agencies.  While the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a program in place to help agencies meet various needs through the use of this data, the original business model for this program is being revisited.  The details of a proposed joint funding request will be presented to the subcommittee at their upcoming July 2nd meeting. The hope is the subcommittee will see the need for such a request and move ahead in working together. While the state’s revenue forecast is starting to improve, any new budget requests will meet significant challenges. 


Recognition of WAHUG Users Group – Allen Jakobitz

The recently organized Washington HAZUS Users Group (WAHUG) met for the first time in April. HAZUS (Hazards United States) is an earthquake modeling tool that runs on ArcView 3.X. The next release is anticipated in February ‘03 and will include a flood module and also introduce a winds module that is to be released in 2005.  The goal of the users group is to promote the use of HAZUS within the state by the emergency management departments in counties and cities.  Currently, there are three training classes per year with the next two being in Everett in July and Spokane in October.  The biggest challenge ahead for the users group is establishing a way to exchange data. WAHUG is open to all and while the HAZUS software is free from FEMA, ArcView is required to run the program.  For more information on WAHUG, go to   WAHUG and WAGIC agreed to establish and maintain communications between the two groups in recognition of the obvious areas of mutual interest.


Introduction of New WAGIC Chair – Ian Von Essen

Ian announced that George Spencer, Washington State Department of Transportation, has been elected Council Chair for the 2002 – 2003 year.  George has been a very active participant in the council most recently serving as the chair of the Framework Management Group.  Ian was recognized with an Outstanding Service award highlighting many of the council’s accomplishments under Ian’s leadership. 


Closing Site Roundtable – Ian Von Essen


Next meeting – August 29 at 10:00 a.m. – PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE