Geographic Information Council (WAGIC)

February 21, 2002

Teleconference originating from

DIS Interactive Technologies, Spokane, WA


Introductions – Ian Von Essen, WAGIC Chair – From Spokane, Ian opened the meeting and welcomed council members in Tri-Cities, Bellingham, Seattle, and Lacey. 


Meeting Theme: GIS in support of Homeland Security Activities

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§         PRI’s Rapid Responder – John Mead

§         ESRI’s GIS for Homeland Security – Shaun Johnson

§         City of Seattle’s Improving Web Security – Tom Nolan


Business Items

Update on the recent GeoData Alliance (GDA) Trustees Meeting

Gene Thorley reported on the first meeting of the elected trustees of the GDA during which officers were elected.   Answers to a set of questions that had come in from the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) about the GDA and its activities were reviewed and discussed.  Lessons learned from the recent GDA Forum were discussed, as were possible future activities for the organization.  Details will be forwarded to the membership and the trustees will be looking for feedback on these topics.  The role of the GDA trustees is to ensure that the purpose, principles and unique decision-making environment for the GDA members is maintained and prospers.  The trustees may identify issues that might be of interest to the entire membership but not make decisions for the membership.  More information on the GDA can be found at


Upcoming Washington State E-Safety Summit – March 26th L&I Building

Ian reported on the upcoming E-Safety Summit. This all day meeting is going to be a great opportunity to speak with legislative representatives regarding public security and using GIS to disseminate information about homeland security issues.  While several local organizations have been involved in discussions on homeland security, the hope is more state agencies will join the efforts.


Election of new WAGIC Chair – Ian von Essen

Ian announced that as his second term as chair will come to an end in June, nominations are being taken for candidates for that role. Nominations should be in place by the April meeting.  While members can nominate themselves, Ian asked that if members choose to nominate another member, please make sure that the person you are nominating is willing to take on the responsibilities of the chair.




Update on the WAGIC I-Team Initiative – George Spencer

In reporting on the I-Team Initiative, George referred to the presentation on framework implementation given by representatives from the national I-Team at the last quarterly Framework Management meeting.  The I –Team initiative is receiving much attention at the federal level and The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) intends to use state’s I-Team plans to identify resource partnership opportunities.  WAGIC’s strategic planning committee has looked at I-Teams plan from other states such as Maryland and Utah in an effort to study the best aspects of those plans and identify policy issues, framework and data themes, and other action items.  A format for a template for each data theme has been agreed upon and it is now being tested.  Ian offered that he believes one of the real benefits of this  I- Team activity is that the resulting plan identifies the key stakeholders and determines the current funding levels for building data sets.


Status of the Information Services Board (ISB) GIS Subcommittee – Jeff Holm

As announced at the last meeting, the ISB has approved the creation of a Geographic Information Technology sub-committee consisting of agency directors and other IT leaders that will represent the various governmental strategic interests in geographic information technology.  One of the reasons the subcommittee was created was to garner executive involvement and commitment for the council. The subcommittee will meet quarterly and, will take under consideration several issues such as the concept of a joint budget request for the 03-05 Legislative session.  This budget request would represent a coordinated priority data acquisition for state agencies.  


New Business - Joy Denkers, Department of Ecology (DOE)

Joy announced that DOE participated in a joint effort with the Department of Health (DOH) in developing an interactive mapping tool for the Web called the Facilities Site Atlas.  This tool allows queries and analysis of natural resources and environmental information as it relates to regulated facilities such as gas stations, dry cleaners, etc.  For more detailed information go to


Closing Site Roundtable – Ian Von Essen


Next meeting – February 21st at 10:00 a.m.