October 1, 2002




RE:  October 17, 2002 WAGIC Meeting


Dear WAGIC Colleague,


The theme for the October 17th WAGIC meeting is GIS in Support of Tribal Government.  The proposed agenda has presentations from three tribal organizations: Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (Troy Matheny), the Yakama Tribe (Roy Wiseman) and, Suquamish Tribe (Tom Curley).  I look forward to hearing about tribal use of GIS and urge you to invite your tribal colleagues to attend the meeting. Along with continuing the practice of theme-based meetings, the October WAGIC meeting will touch on some topics key to production and maintenance of spatial data needed for homeland security.


September 11, 2001, is a date we will always remember.  The World Trade Center attack occurred while the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) was conducting its 2001 Annual Meeting.  It comes as no surprise that the topic of Homeland Security and GIS were at the forefront of the 2002 NSGIC annual meeting – which coincided with the one year anniversary.  Al Leidner, Director, New Your City GIS Utility spoke about lessons learned.  Tony Spicci, State of Missouri GIS Coordinator, spoke about his experience as a member of one of the first FEMA emergency response teams to arrive on the scene.  This single event in history will have impacts on what and how we collect and store data for years to come.


The business portion of the meeting will touch on several areas including data infrastructure, imagery, standards, and plans.  Most of the items will be informational, however, we will be reviewing a document that the NSGIC has asked us to consider for endorsement – “Saving Lives and Saving Money, An Urgent Call to Build the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Support of Public Safety.”  While we will not vote at the meeting, you may want to review the document before the meeting in order to have thoughtful discussion.  You can find the document at:



October 17, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

DIS Video Conference Sites (Bellingham, Lacey, Pasco, Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver)  Note: Yakima Community College site will be on line for Yakama Tribal presentation


If you have questions about the meeting agenda, video conference locations, or WAGIC in general, you can contact Jeff Holm at (360) 902-3447, or myself at (360) 709-5515.  Or, check out our web site at http://www.wa.gov/gic/.  Also feel free to contact me if you have ideas about the direction of WAGIC and GIS.  Until then, I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.






George Spencer