November 18th, 2001


Dear WAGIC Colleague,


Well here it is -- the end of 2001.  (Personally, I liked Kubrick's version better.)  And it is time once again to start preparing for the upcoming Washington State Legislative Session in early 2002. If you remember last spring's "Ellensburg Strategic Planning Meeting" it was the consensus of most of the participants that if WAGIC is to achieve many of its strategic plan objectives, the organization needs to strengthen executive leadership, commitment and, develop a more formal connection with our authorizing environment (legislature, budget and policy bodies).  As you will recall, members of the ad hoc Strategic Planning committee have been working on a discussion draft that proposes an enhanced governance model for the Council.  This group has been meeting weekly since mid-September wrestling with the details of the approach. I have a new appreciation for how easy it is to say, 'we should make WAGIC more effective' - it is entirely another matter to work through the details of how we might accomplish that.  Members of this group will provide an overview of the discussion document at the meeting on December 13th with some additional time set aside for discussion.


Thanks to all of you who attended and participated in October's theme-based WAGIC meeting on GIS and the Cadastre.  I would especially like to thank the presenters, Carrie Wolfe of DNR, Greg Tudor of the BLM, Gavin Schrock and Glenn Brooks of the City of Seattle, and Bob Folsom of Spokane County.  All of you did a great job! 


That cadastral mapping and GIS can be a passionate topic was certainly evident from some of the email that I and others received.  The only conclusion I can draw from this is that we still have a bit of a communication gap between parts of the GIS and Survey Communities.   Thanks to Dave Steele, our resident WAGIC DNR survey expert, who personally took the time to help bridge this gap with a very thoughtful response.  Thanks



This month's WAGIC meeting on December 13th, which is a week earlier than usual, will be split into two parts.  First, the theme-based portion will be focused on GIS and Remote Sensing, which will be followed by a WAGIC business meeting.  On GIS and the Remote Sensing you will see three presentations.  To start things off, Jeff Holm of the Washington State Department of Information Services will give us an in-depth report on the LandSat 7 Data Consortium.   Next, Veena Tabbutt of the Thurston Regional Planning Council will talk about how Remote Sensing data was used in their Land Cover Mapping of Thurston County.  Our last presentation will be by members of yet another data consortium in the Inland Northwest headed up by Avista Utilities that has been in existence since 1992.  The focus of this presentation will be on the consortium itself, some their recent LIDAR mapping efforts, and finally a new technology called 2nd generation Digital Ortho Photography.  These presentations should be lively and informative, so please remember to invite interested individuals from within your organizations. Thanks in advance to all of those presenting during this special remote-sensing related session.


During our business portion of the meeting, Jeff Holm, will provide us an overview of the new GIS Model Law Legislation.  In addition, Jeff, Carrie Wolfe, and I will update you on a variety of other topics including WAGIC’s new presence on the GeoData Alliance Board of Trustees, our recent three state Framework meetings in Portland, and the beginnings of our own I-Team Planning efforts.


Thanks again to each of you for your support of the WAGIC.  Your attendance and support is appreciated.  If you have any questions, or would like additional information about this meeting or WAGIC in general, please call either Jeff Holm at (360) 902-3447 or me at (509) 477-6344.


We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.





Ian Von Essen