January 31, 2001

Dear WAGIC Colleague,

Thanks to all of you who attended and participated in December's business meeting of the Geographic Information Council. Special thanks to Elizabeth Marshall of Marshall & Associates for the presentation on remotely sensed data sources and to Jeff Holm for the numerous reports he made to the council.

The next WAGIC meeting, scheduled for February 15th, 2001, will be the second of a series of theme-based WAGIC meetings. This meeting will focus on how GIS is used to support the implementation of the Growth Management Act, Smart Growth, and Buildable Lands initiatives within several Washington State cities and counties. Shane Hope of the Washington State Office of Community Development will lead off by identifying the strategies her agency is taking in GIS. She will also provide a state level overview of the current Buildable Lands efforts. Following Shane's presentation we have two regional council and three local governmental organizational representatives doing presentations on how various GIS analyses are being used to support the various organizations’ Buildable lands and GMA efforts. This should be a very lively and informative WAGIC meeting, so I extend a big thanks in advance to all of those presenting.

Washington State’s Legislature is now back in session, and already we have our first legislative surprise of the season. As I'm sure you heard at our last December WAGIC meeting, the Washington State Department of Natural Resource’s (DNR) had decided to drop their effort to update the State Base Mapping Legislation due to the funding impacts. However, the legislation was introduced by Washington State Senator Ken Jacobsen. Since this DNR State Base Mapping Legislation will redefine for all of us, including WAGIC, how we work and coordinate with DNR, this is one piece of proposed legislation that all members of WAGIC should be cognizant of. Please take time out of your busy schedule to review the latest version of the DNR’s state based legislation at http://www.leg.wa.gov/pub/billinfo/2001-02/senate/5525-5549/5532.pdf . If you have further questions, concerns, or suggestions about this legislation please contact Senator Jacobsen e-mail: jacobsen_ke@leg.wa.gov, or call the Toll-Free Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000; or your own legislative representative.

Since our WAGIC meeting is focused on GMA related issues, please do not forget to invite interested Planning and Economic Development staff from your own organizations to see how GIS is being applied across the State of Washington to implement GMA. Thanks again to each one of you for your support of the Washington State Geographic Council. If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please call either Jeff Holm at (360) 902-3447 or me at (509) 477-6344.


Ian Von Essen