Voluntary Funding Proposal Adopted by WAGIC Membership - April '97

Background: In 1995 WAGIC membership formally recognized the need to explore ways to fund Council activities in a self sustaining way. While the Council appreciates the support that DIS has provided over the past five years by underwriting the operational expenses it also recognizes that this support was not intended to be a permanent funding solution nor a sole source of operational funds.

Several discussions took place during the '96 planning sessions and subsequent Council meetings to explore ways to broaden financial support of the Council. While more long term solutions are being investigated, the Council has agreed to implement a transitional funding mechanism. What follows is a description of the voluntary funding mechanism adopted by the Council in April '97.

Funding Objectives: Implement a voluntary, tiered membership structure that will partially offset council expenses now being funded by DIS. Do so in a way that minimizes bureaucracy, maintains an effective level of accountability and the informality and flexibility of current council structure.

Uses of Membership Funds: The first $15,000 in annual membership revenue will be used to offset annual Council operating expenses to include: Video tele-conferencing, production and distribution of meeting minutes, web site space rental, mailing list update and copy expenses, and related operational expenses.

An additional $5,000 will be set aside from the annual membership fees for a Special Project/Activity fund. Proposal(s) for use of the funds would be presented to the council for approval by the voting membership.

DIS will provide periodic reports on the receipt and disbursement of the membership funds.

Annual membership revenue in excess of the approved budget will be placed in Council's special project fund.

Annual rates for calendar year:

Voting Memberships

Non-voting memberships