Strategic Plan Information Survey

Many people are active stakeholders in the planning process undertaken by the Council. The workshop will serve as a "kickoff" for the public portion of this process, and the Council seeks the participation and views of many people who will not be present at the workshop, but wish to take an active role.

The Council invites your response to a few questions, which will help workshop participants to broaden their discussion, and will make certain we hear from as many stakeholders as possible. This material will be shared by invitees prior to the workshop, and help us to make the actual face-to-face time as productive as possible. Your responses, and those of other stakeholders, will also be made public at the Council’s Website, as part of the open discussion of our planning goals and process.

  1. What questions do you hope this workshop and the strategic business planning process can help answer for you, and for your project or organization? What specific outcomes or products would you like to see the workshop generate?
  2. Can you provide a list of activities or plans - including very brief descriptions - within your organization that impact the GIC and our strategic business planning objectives? Also, please give us some idea of what your personal role is in the development or implementation of these activities.
  3. Do you have areas of experience to contribute to the Workshop?  What kind of experience or specialized knowledge have you acquired in your work with data partnerships? How could this be of value to the rest of the participants and contribute to the workshop purposes (see the workshop "Prospectus")? This is no place to be shy.
  4. Do you have documents you can share with other participants to help them learn about your project or organization? Can you share a project plan, inventory of (current or desirable) applications, or other document? Please provide either a digital attachment to your Email, or a URL (an FTP address or Web server). Or let us know if you’d rather provide paperwork.
  5. Please provide your name and contact information, or verify that information on attached list of workshop participants is correct for your organization.

Please email (preferred) or fax your survey response to Bruce Westcott. Bruce’s fax number is (802) 223-7402.  Thanks very much for taking the time to contribute this information. Your work will help make the Workshop a success.