Strategic Plan Workshop Prospectus


The work of the Washington Geographic Information Council is focused on "the advancement of the geospatial information infrastructure -- data, people, technology and policy -- and its use by federal, state, regional, local governments, tribal and private entities."

The goals of the Council include taking an active leadership role in advising decision-makers about the use and availability of geospatial information and in promoting geospatial information sharing. In addition, the Council initiates activities to identify geospatial information needs, sponsors the exchange of educational information, ensures the development of consistent policies, standards, and guidelines, and assists in the establishment of geospatial information partnerships.

Strategic Plan Objectives

The Council is creating a three-year strategic business plan for the development of a spatial information infrastructure in the State of Washington, and is asking for your ideas and contributions in this undertaking. An initial plan will be created by early 1999, and will include strategies for assuring its currency and relevance over three years, and will address:

  1. the role of spatial information in addressing major quality-of-life issues important to our citizens,
  2. the important governmental business processes -- at both the local and state level -- which would benefit from cooperative spatial data initiatives,
  3. identification of the benefits that can accrue – to government, business, and citizens of Washington – from a more coordinated approach,
  4. the relevance of this technology to addressing important policy matters, as well as the need for increased awareness of Washington's spatial information investments on the part of legislative and executive officials, and
  5. the ongoing role and expertise of the GIC in promoting cost-effective programs of coordination and partnerships for data development and maintenance.

Strategic Plan Stakeholder Workshop - October 12 & 13

The purpose of the workshop will be to gather the views of a wide variety of Washington GIS stakeholders and government leaders on these topics, to develop consensus approaches to the problems and opportunities identified, and to define a process for assuring that the plan remains current and relevant through review by the Washington GIS community. 

The workshop will include discussion of documents and public policy developments important to creating the strategic business plan, facilitated discussion and structured "brain-storming" activities, and consensus-building about policies, desired results, and strategies. The outcomes of the Workshop are expected to be draft(s) of strategic business plan document(s) identifying highest priority policies, actions, and proposals intended to advance the development of Washington’s spatial data infrastructure over the next three years.

Want insure your GIS needs are represented at the Workshop?

To maximize the productivity and value of the workshop, please take a moment and provide brief responses to the GIS Stakeholder Survey.