Transportation Framework

Progress Report to Framework Management Group - 8/19/99

Charter Development

Two meetings have been held to determine support for proceeding to take the transportation framework beyond the PSRC pilot. There is general agreement to proceed with development of a project charter for the next phase. Accomplishments to date:



The participant list includes 20 individuals representing 13 organizations. New partners and stakeholders continue to be identified. If you are interested in participating, contact George Spencer, (360) 709-5515,



Completed an outline for the charter and are working on the text. As a sample, the draft vision is:

The transportation framework is a seamless set of data that are consistent, connected, and continuous between segments of the transportation framework and with other framework layers. The transportation framework data is collaboratively developed and maintained. The transportation framework data represents the best data available and includes mechanisms to improve over time. Framework data is accessible to the general public at the least possible cost with the least possible restrictions.



The next meeting will be scheduled for late August or early September. Establish a schedule for regular meetings?



The agenda for the next meeting will include refinement of expectations and review of a draft charter.

Proposed Work Plan

A subgroup (Gordon Kennedy, Deborah Naslund, George Spencer, Larry Sugarbaker, Carrie Wolfe) brainstormed funding and resource requirements. This necessitated a conceptual work plan:

Phase 1 - Complete by 3-31-2000

    1. Identify Partners
    2. Define the Framework (Requirements)
    3. Develop Preliminary Specifications (Data Model and Standards)
    4. Prepare DIS Feasibility Study (CBA, Risk Assessment, etc.) - Basis for funding requests.

Phase 2 - Complete by 6-30-2001

    1. Develop implementation plan and funding requests.
    2. Develop a working prototype including data (limited), data storage, data integration process, and data management.
    3. Deliver transportation framework ready to be populated with data.

Resource Requirements



Phase 1




- Project Manager

7 months



- Data Analyst

4 months



- Tech Support

4 months



Phase 2




- Project Manager

12 months




6 months



- Developers

24 months



- Infrastructure




On-going (Annual)




- Trans Framework Coordinator




- Area Integrator




- System Support




- Data Steward




- Metadata




- Data Production Incentives (???)


Proposed Funding Strategy

    1. Phase 1: Partner funding participation.
    2. Phase 2: Seek budget support through Legislature via WSDOT supplemental budget request.
    3. On-going: Seek budget support through Legislature via coordinated budget request(s).

Approval Process

    1. Framework Management Group.
    2. WSDOT supplemental budget development process.
    3. WAGIC.