Washington Cadastral Framework

Status Report

October 18, 2001


The Washington Cadastral Framework partners are only meeting as part of the regular agenda of the Framework Management Group (FMG).  Project minutes and status updates are on the web site below.   Sandra Bahr has taken over the maintenance of the web site.  Greg Tudor will be working on a temporary assignment with the Bureau of Land Management in Portland during November and December.  Byrt Filyaw will be managing the project in his absence. 


The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is able to provide only limited support to partners on existing applications and data distribution services.  The Washington Cadastral Framework database includes parcel, legal description, boundary, point, and document data.  Partners can access cadastral framework data directly through the Internet connection.  Instructions on how to access the database are on the project web site under presentations.  (Note that direct database access is less cumbersome than downloading since the data does not have to be downloaded or reformatted using the utilities on the web site before use.) 


The ArcView Internet Map Server (AVIMS) has been down since the transition to the ArcIMS software was started in June.  The ArcIMS application will allow users to view and query cadastral framework data, and download the data viewable on the map viewer.  There have been no interruptions of the data download service using the Cadastral Data Transfer Standard, but there have been some delays in getting new data posted to the database. 


The DNR is in the process of implementing a cadastre GeoDatabase (GDB) and ArcMap editing application developed by ESRI.  As a result of this development, the DNR will be recommending that the Cadastral Data Transfer Standard be changed to more closely match the revised GDB.  The DNR worked with ESRI staff in Olympia and Redlands to help ensure that the GDB design will be compatible with the upcoming ArcSurvey product.  Jack Dangermond attended a technical cadastral project meeting in August where he saw a demonstration of the cadastral GeoDatabase and ArcMap editing application being developed for WA DNR.  In the discussion following, Dangermond asked that issues and findings be forwarded directly to him for review. 


Other partner activities include a joint project to coordinate corners using GPS by Grant County and Bureau of Reclamation, with assistance from Washington DOT, DFW, and DNR; Washington DFW startup of their GIS ownership project; ongoing GCDB development by the BLM; and completion of the NILS GeoCommunicator as part of the Geographic Network in March, reviewed by the DNR in May. 


Please contact Byrt Filyaw (byrtle.filyaw@dnr.state.wa.us, 360-902-1770, ), Carrie Wolfe (carrie.wolfe@dnr.state.wa.us, 360-902-1639, ), or Greg Tudor (greg.tudor@dnr.state.wa.us, 360-902-1542) for more information about the project.  Also, find out more about the Cadastral Framework Project on the Framework Web page at .