Washington Cadastral Framework

Status Report

February 15, 2001


The Washington Cadastral Framework partners are only meeting as part of the regular agenda of the Framework Management Group (FMG).  Project minutes and status updates are on the web site: .   Sandra Bahr will be taking over the maintenance of the web site. 


The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is able to provide only limited support to partners on existing applications and data distribution services.  Additional Washington Cadastral Framework applications are not being developed at this time.  Greg Tudor is starting database administration work but will be devoting most of his time to the Cadastral Project at the DNR.  Most of this work will be implementing the cadastral data as an ArcGIS Geodatabase and the data editing application using ArcMap software. 


The Washington Cadastral Framework database includes parcel, legal description, boundary, point, and document data.  The presentation on how partners can use their identifiers and passwords to directly access the Washington Cadastral Framework database is available on the project web site.  Partners may have noticed that the ArcView Internet Map Server (IMS) has not been working most of the time, but there have been very few calls to the Help Desk.  Please call the Help Desk to reset the server if you get a server busy message.  This year, the ArcIMS software will be replacing the ArcView IMS.   There have been no interruptions of data download service using the Cadastral Data Transfer Standard, but there have been delays in getting new data posted to the database.  (Note that direct database access is less cumbersome since the data does not have to be downloaded or reformatted using the utilities on the web site before use.) 


There have been many questions on the separation of the shape files and their attributes in the Cadastral Data Transfer Standard.  Most of these questions could not be answered, since there is a shortage of staff having ArcView experience at the DNR.  There will be some revisions in the Cadastral Data Transfer Standard by this summer as part of the ArcGIS implementation.  Any suggestions from partners would be appreciated. 


The base map legislation facilitated by Carrie Wolfe has been included on the legislative agenda as House Bill 5532, although the DNR and partners had decided not to present the package in its current form due to insufficient funding.  The revised State Base Map legislation would provide more support for data integration, outreach, and support of this and other Framework projects.  The Bureau of Land Management is also seeking funds for the states to support enhanced GCDB collection and maintenance as a result of the Western Governors Association Cadastral Data and Policy Forum last March. 


Washington Cadastral Framework participation in the National Integrated Land System (NILS) project has provided an opportunity to promote at a national level the requirements and standards, which the Washington partners have developed.  The NILS project team has spent the past year developing the GeoCommunicator as part of the Geographic Network, and NILS is now refocusing on rapid application development of survey and parcel management utilities.  ESRI is working on the Parcel Data Model as part of their  Industry Data Models initiative featured in ArcNews, and ESRI has asked the Washington Cadastral Framework to be a contributor to their cadastral case studies.