PositionRItemFramework Column NameOracle DatatypeColumn Short NameDescriptionDescription Definition Table
1Parcel system idfw_prcl_syst_idNUMBER(10)fwprclsyidIdentifier for Land Parcel records in the Framework System.
2*Parcel shape record numberprcl_shape_idNUMBER(10)prclshpidIdentifier to associate tabular data record with Land Parcel spatial record.
3*agent idagent_idNUMBER(10)agentidIdentifier to associate tabular data record within LAND_AGENT table.
4*land interest type codeland_int_type_cdNUMBER(2)landintycd 1 Granting agent in a transactionland_agent_interest_ty_code
2 receiver of property rights being granted
5 manager that acts on behalf of the property right
6 responsible to care for the management beneficiary
7 executor/executrix
8 appointed or required by law to execute a trust
9 representative for another agent
11 receives income from land in leiu of the property
12 loan security agent
13 one that encroches on anothers land
14 one that bring action against another agent
15 Agent that sets a corner point of does a survey
16 Person or Organization responsible for polluting
17 Administrative agent
18 Agent involved in an Exchange of easement or land
19 Agent requesting to use rights on land
20 agent that has insured title to land
21 Agent responding to a court action
22 Gov Org designated to receive taxes
23 County recording agent
5land responsibility type codeland_resp_type_cdNUMBER(2)landrptycd 1 primary interest in the agreementland_resp_ty_code
2 secondary interest such as loan security
3 representative for a primary or secondary agent
4 Not Applicable
6*document iddoc_idNUMBER(10)docidNumber to identify document from the data transfer standard document file.
7agent interest percentageagent_int_pcNUMBER(12,4)agntintpcPercentage of interest/ownership in the parcel by the agent.
8agent record volume type codeagent_vol_type_cdNUMBER(2)agntvltycd 1 DNR Upland Deed Bookagent_record_vol_ty_code
2 DNR Aquatic Land Deed Book
3 DNR Unspecified Deed Book
4 DNR Easement Book
5 DNR Register
6 DNR Right of Way Certificates Book
7 DNR Railroad Certificate Book
8 DNR Patent Book
9 DNR Clear List Book
10 DNR Lease Book
11 DNR Mineral Book
12 DNR Permit Book
13 DNR Range Book
14 DNR Aquatic Plat
21 County Record Binding Site Plans
22 County Record Condominiums
23 County Record County Commissioners Records
24 County Record Surveyor Records
25 County Record Deeds
26 County Record Land Corner Records
27 County Record Large Lots
28 County Record Lien Records
29 County Record Miscellaneous
30 County Record Mortgages
31 County Record Patents
32 County Record Plats
33 County Record Road Waivers
34 County Record Short Plats
35 County Record Surveys
36 County Record Book or Volume unknown
9agent deed number textagent_deed_no_txtVARCHAR2(12)agntdnotxtThe agent's deed number.
10agent deed volume textagent_deed_vol_no_txt VARCHAR2(12)agntdvltxtThe agent's deed volume number.
11agent deed page textagent_deed_page_no_txtVARCHAR2(12)agntdpgtxtThe agent's deed page number.
12agent file number txtagent_file_no_txtVARCHAR2(20)agntfnotxtThe agent's file number.
13agent contract number textagent_contract_no_txtVARCHAR2(20)agntcnotxtThe agent's contract number.
14agent ownership typeagntown_type_cd NUMBER(2)agntowtycd 1 No rightstransact_agent_own_ty_code
2 Individual rights
3 Each owner owns rights that are shared by all
4 Unable to determine with information available
15recording daterec_dtDATErecdtDate the item is recorded in the county. (CCYYMMDD)
16recording auditor file number textrec_aud_file_no_txtVARCHAR2(24) recafntxtA text field for recording county auditor file numbers.
17recording barcode number textrec_barcode_no_txtVARCHAR2(24) recbarntxtFor counties have changed to a barcode system