* = Both Aquatic, Non-Aqautic
Ñ = Just Aquatic
PositionRItemFramework Column NameOracle DatatypeColumn Short NameDescriptionDescription Definition Table
1*land parcel shape idprcl_shape_idNUMBER(10)prclshpidIdentifier to identify the Parcel feature in the shape file. Used for transaction id.
2framework parcel numberfw_prcl_idNUMBER(10)fwprclidIdentifier from Framework for updating parcels.
3parcel land areaprcl_land_areaNUMBER(12,2)prclndareaDocumented area of the land parcel
4*county codecounty_idNUMBER(8)countyid1' Adams Countycounty_area
2' Asotin County
3' Benton County
4' Chelan County
5' Clallam County
6' Clark County
7' Columbia County
8' Cowlitz County
9' Douglas County
10' Ferry County
11' Franklin County
12' Garfield County
13' Grant County
14' Grays Harbor County
15' Island County
16' Jefferson County
17' King County
18' Kitsap County
19' Kittitas County
20' Klickitat County
21' Lewis County
22' Lincoln County
23' Mason County
24' Okanogan County
25' Pacific County
26' Pend Oreille County
27' Pierce County
28' San Juan County
29' Skagit County
30' Skamania County
31' Snohomish County
32' Spokane County
33' Stevens County
34' Thurston County
35' Wahkiakum County
36' Walla Walla County
37' Whatcom County
38' Whitman County
39' Yakima County
5county parcel land area quantitycnty_prcl_land_area_qtyNUMBER(12,2)cntyprclaqThe documented number of acres within an area of land described by the county with a county parcel number.
6county tax parcel assessment number textcnty_tax_prcl_assess_no_txtVARCHAR2(36)cntytaxpnoThe number assigned by the county to uniquely identify a parcel of land, within the boundaries of that county, for assessment purposes.
7county tax parcel use codecnty_tax_prcl_use_cdNUMBER(3)cntytxpucdThe county tax parcel land use code.cnty_tax_prcl_use_code?
No code values in table.
8county tax parcel valuecnty_tax_prcl_valNUMBER(12,2)cntytxpvalThe assessed value of the tax parcel assigned by the county.
9parcel shape parent idparent_prcl_idNUMBER(10)parprclidShape id of parent record
10*parcel aquatic lands flagprcl_aquatic_flgVARCHAR2(1)prclaqflgIdentifies aquatic lands record. "T" is aquatic parcel, else "F".
11land use restrictionlurestr_type_cdNUMBER(2)lurestycd 1 Archaeological sites and resourcesland_use_restrict_ty_code
2 Threatened Species
3 Endangered Status Species
4 Species Recovery Plan
5 Covenants Codes and Restrictions
7 County zoning restictions
10 Limited area for access
11 Motor vehicle access
12 Lake---non-motorized boats only
21 Ancestral rights
24 Growth Management restrictions
25 Article XV, State Const. Restaint on Disposition.
26 RCW79.94.150, Limitations on sales and Leasing
27 RCW79.94.210, Limitation of sale on navig. lakes
28 Bush Act March 2, 1895
29 Callow Act March 4, 1895
30 RCW79.94.390, Tidelands reserved for recreat. uses
31 RCW79.93.010, Public waterways and streets
12land use restriction effective datelurestr_effect_dtDATElureseffdtThe date the specified land use restriction is put into effect on the designated land area.
13land use restriction textlurestr_txtVARCHAR2(240)lurestxtWritten information about a land use restriction that may be helpful 'when researching a particular area of land.
14land use restriction arealurestr_land_areaNUMBER(12,2)luresareaThe measurement of the planar region (polygon) or surface of the geographic land area making up the land restriction area.
15Ñaquatic land parcel class codeaqt_land_prcl_class_cdNUMBER(2)aqprclascd 1 First Classaquatic_land_class_code
2 Second Class
3 No Class Designation
9 Unknown
16Ñaquatic land parcel type codeaqt_land_prcl_type_cdNUMBER(2)aqprcltycd 1 Marine Tidelandaquatic_land_prcl_ty_code
2 River Shoreland
3 Harbor
4 Waterway
5 Marine Bedland
6 Lake Bedland
7 River Bedland
8 Abandoned Bedland
9 Abandoned Marine Tideland
10 Abandoned River Shoreland
11 Abandoned River Tideland
12 Abandoned Lake Shoreland
13 River Tideland
14 Lake Shoreland
99 Unknown
17land area type codesland_area_type_cdNUMBER(2)landatycd 1 Military Installation Land Arealand_area_ty_code
2 Public Park
3 Natural Area Preserve Land Area
4 Natural Resource Conservation Land Area
5 Recreation Land Area
6 Harbor Land Area
7 Wilderness Land Area
8 Wildlife Refuge Land Area
9 Wildlife Land Area
10 Public Forest
11 Tribal Reservation Land Area
12 Growth Management Land Area
13 Municipal Watershed Land Area
14 Nuclear Site
15 Hatchery Land Area
16 U S Monumented Land Area
17 Comprehensive Envir. Response, Comp. Liability Act
18 National Marine Sanctuary
19 Hydrologic Unit
20 Evoluntionary Significant Unit
21 Washington Model Toxics Control Act
22 Prison Land Area
23 Special District Land Area
24 Wild and Scenic River Land Area
25 Historic Site Land Area
26 National Monument Land Area
27 Light House Reserve Area
18parcel namefw_prcl_nameVARCHAR2(50)fwprclnmName used to identify the parcel