Washington Cadastral Framework: Partnership Meeting Minutes

November 10, 1999

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1. Shelly Snyder, WA DFW

2. Carrie Wolfe, WA DNR

3. Frank Fischer, WA DNR

4. George Spencer, WA DOT

5. Marc Thomas, US BLM

6. Eric Bishop, ESRI

7. Dave Steele, WA DNR

8. Mike Beaty, US BOR

9. Steve Phillips, Weyerhaeuser

10. Steve Ivey, WA DNR

11. Greg Tudor, WA DNR

12. Ralph Perry, WA DNR

13. Sandra Bahr, WA DNR


Greg Tudor facilitated the meeting. All attendees had also participated in the prior Framework Management Group meeting in which the project status was covered.

Project Status

Project status was reviewed in the Framework Management Group meeting (see attached status report). The last partnership meeting was held on 08/19/1999. At that meeting, the state integration plan was reviewed and changes were made towards the development of a Supplemental Budget Request to continue the Washington Cadastral Framework (see attached State Integration Plan and Supplemental Budget Request). While waiting for the outcome of the budget request, the project will be consolidating the work done to this point and writing the report for the conclusion of the grant development. Data will continue to be published on the Internet.

Supplemental Budget Request and Partnership Agreement

The partnership agreement has been revised based on the integration plan and the legislative proposal to fund the plan. The agreement will be sent out immediately for review by the end of the month (See attached partnership agreement). Partner direct and in-kind contributions will need to be tallied to claim the FGDC grant match (See attached contribution form). Greg would like to have these back by the end of the month also. A request was made to FGDC to extend the project grant deadline to 03/31/2000.

Action: Carrie and Greg will make revisions and send out the partnership agreement and the on-line data agreement for partner review.

Action: Greg will contact partners to get project contribution information and evaluation feedback.

Integration Pilot Results

The data for the framework database is being reloaded. A complete view of the database will be accessible through the ArcView Internet Map Server, FTP data download by county, and direct partner access to the database through ArcView or DBMS Integrator. Direct partner access will allow partners to use the framework data as a part of their applications without having to download, unzip, and load the data from the transfer standard.

As we become more confident in the quality of the data being integrated to the framework database, we would like to make the data available to the public. The main issue for doing this is support, since DNR's help desk cannot answer questions about the data in the framework database. Having the data providers be the information contacts was not very popular, but neither is unsupported data.

Action: Greg will contact partners to determine what reservations partners have about making framework data public.

The technical integration meetings for the Snohomish County area has made good progress on developing the technical means of integrating partner data with the framework database. Integration of BLM, Snohomish County, Longview Fibre, and DNR upland and aquatic cadastral data has been loaded into a test data layer. The data is undergoing some review for meeting basic requirements. The technical project team has developed AMLs to format partner data into the transfer standard and validate the formatted data. The AMLs are being put on the web page for the pilot partners to use directly and as examples for other partners to use to develop their own extract routines from their databases. Partners will maintain their own version of the conversion programs. Snohomish County has used the AMLs to extract some of their data into the transfer standard and has contributed the data via FTP.

An ArcView demonstration of the integration database showed BLM, Snohomish County, and DNR upland and aquatic data. The Longview Fibre ownership had not been integrated in time for the demonstration. Layers shown were corner point, boundary line, legal description area, and parcel area (ownership). Some inconsistencies in the data were spotted, which pointed out the need for better documentation of the standard and making conversions to it.

National Integrated Land System

The NILS project has been making progress with determining how to implement the FGDC Cadastral Data Content Standard as objects and feature classes for Arc8 and the software for maintaining the features. There is a NILS requirements review meeting open to Washington Cadastral Framework partners November 29-30, in Portland. NILS requirements are also being made available to other GIS vendors. The announcement for the meeting will be sent out in the near future.

Action: Greg will forward the NILS requirements review meeting announcement to partners when it comes out.

Next Meeting

The Washington Cadastral Framework will provide an update to the Framework Management Group via the FMG video conference on February 17, 2000 from 1:00-3:00pm. There will not be a separate meeting until the Supplemental Budget Request status is known.