Washington Cadastral Framework Project

General Partner Meeting

at the

Washington Department of Information Services

Washington Interactive Technologies Video Conference Sites in

Lacey, Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver

August 19, 1999


9:30 am Business Meeting

Introductions, New Partners

Project Deliverables and Status

Budget and Funding

Schedule - FGDC Grant Time Extension

Web Site Revisions

Project Evaluation

National Integrated Lands System - Parcel Consortium

9:50 am Partnership Agreement

On-line Data Agreement/Disclaimer

10:00 am State Integration Plan

Partner Commitment

Partner Web Sites

Partner Metadata/Data Dictionaries

Partner Data Samples

Partner Integration Contributions

10:30 am Integration and Distribution Support Plan




Legislative Proposal


11:00 am Integration Pilot

Integration Business Process

Data Transfer Standard

Integration Validation and Support

Framework Database - Integration and Production Views

Next Meeting

11:30 am Adjourn