Modeling Session - April 22nd and 23rd 1998

Summary of Changes to the Model

Fundamental Changes

1. A fundamental change will be made in the entity relationships such that we use the "atomic" parcel theory. That is, the Legal Area Description (LAD) will describe the atomic parcel (or smallest unit) and the intersecting entity between a type of parcel and LAD will have a status attribute that describes the relationship. The intersecting entity then becomes the composite for larger parcels rather than the LAD.

2. Along with change #1, the ownership parcel will not be used as the base parcel because it will not provide enough flexibility.

Other Changes and Additions

1. Possibly get rid of duplicate township status attribute - though we may want to keep this for data exchange across states.

2. Possibly get rid of meridian code table - though we may want to keep this for data exchange across states.

3. Change name of 'PLSS Government Lot Type" (code table) to "Nominal Aliquot Part"

4. Relate Boundary to Corner Point rather than to non-spatial Corner

5. Add "Project Name" attribute on Coordinated Measurement

6. Drop the Boundary_comment_txt attribute on the Boundary entity

7. Include the Image ID link in associated framework model entities (though images will not currently be a part of the framework) This is a physical model requirement.

8. Change "Tresspass on State Land" subentity name to just "Tresspass"

9. Add Transaction_file_no attribute on Land Transaction Agent (blue entity)

10. Connect county recording entity to land transaction instead of easement agreement

11. Take DNR off of NAP and NRCA administration area names (indicate through Agent)

12. Add Conveyance Instrument entity to the framework model

13. Add a "Significant Coordinated Location" subentity to Coordinated Point entity with Shared Connection ID attribute (from Transportation Framework) and High Water Mark ID attribute (from Hydro Framework)

14. Have a date stamp attribute for hydrologic boundaries

15. Foreign key natural river bounds to Hydro Framework (physical model requirement)

16. Make sure life estates are covered in Conveyance Instrument