To: Cadastral Partners; Cadastral Project; Cadastral Steering

Date: 1999/11/30 8:34:06 AM

Subject: NILS Requirements Document

Dear Partners:

I attended the National Integrated Land System requirements review meeting yesterday in Portland. The meeting gave an introduction to the NILS project and the functional requirements that have been developed. There is a repeat of that agenda at 9:00 am today. The requirements document is now on the Internet, along with a guide to reviewing the requirements, and tomorrow a review form will be added.

A summary of yesterday's meeting:

NILS is developing common data structures and tools, and promoting sharing of cadastral infomation.

The data structures will be object oriented and based on the FGDC Cadastral Data Content Standard.

The tools should be commercial off-the shelf COM based software.

There will be no central repository of data, only proprietary operations with sharable information.

The requirements were developed through "use cases", that is scenarios of system usage.

The functional requirements developed include collecting field survey data, managing measurement and coordinate adjustments, managing legal descriptions and parcels, and communicating project information and data updates between partners.

The requirements document should be interesting to Washington Cadastral Framework partners, so please take a look at it.




Gregory S. Tudor, PLS

Washington Cadastral Framework Project Manager

Geographic Information Section

Department of Natural Resources

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