To: Cadastral Partners; Cadastral Project; Cadastral Steering

Date: 1999/11/18 10:10:00 AM

Subject: Fwd: Schedule of NILS review meetings

Dear Partners:

Attached is the invitation to attend the National Integrated Land System meetings to review the cadastral requirements in Portland, OR, at the end of the month. The meetings are two hours long and the agenda on the second day is a repeat of the first. If you are interested in attending then please note that the web NILS web page for the review meeting indicates a need to register in advance. I will be attending and driving down both days. Please let me know if you would like to share a ride down from Olympia.




Gregory S. Tudor, PLS

Washington Cadastral Framework Project Manager

Geographic Information Section

Department of Natural Resources

Washington State

P.O. Box 47020

Olympia, WA 98504-7020


voice: 360-902-1542

fax: 360-902-1790


Attachments: NILS invitation