Washington Cadastral Framework


* Required by FGDC grant contract

Phase 1

Logical data model of the FGDC Cadastral Data Content Standard*

Process model for Internet integration*

Physical data model of the FGDC CDCS*

Framework cadastral production database FWPROD*

DNR data transfer to FWPROD database*

Metadata for Clearinghouse*

Internet display of FWPROD

Internet distribution of FWPROD*

Internet documentation

Internet training*

Partnership agreement*

Phase 2

Data integration FTP staging area*

Cadastral data transfer standard

Framework integration database FWINT

Project check-out procedure

Internet project areas display

Project check-in procedure

Check-out procedure*

Internet check-out areas display

FWINT load procedure - Check-in procedure*

FWPROD integration procedure*

Project notification

Check-out notification

Conflict notification

Check-in notification

Database backup procedure*

Database recovery procedure*

Integration of 3 or more partners' data*



Bureau of Land Management

Snohomish County

Longview Fibre

Integration documentation

Integration training

Partner contribution agreement/plan

Long term funding proposal*

State integration plan/recommendations