Washington Cadastral Framework: Partnership Action Items
NumberActionResponsibleDate InitiatedStatusDate Completed
1Evaluate phase 1 of the project and suggest any improvements.Partners11/18/9902/17/99
2Edit partnership agreement and send to partners for reviewCarrie Wolfe11/18/9902/03/99
3Revise on-line data agreement/ disclaimer to correspond with partnership agreement.Carrie Wolfe11/18/9902/03/99
4Revise roles and integration process and send to partners for reviewGreg Tudor11/18/9902/03/99
5Publish documents on the project web page, including diagrams in PDF format.Greg Tudor11/18/9907/21/99
6Review difference between extended model and the cadastral data content standard, and identify any fields that are not needed for a common framework database.Pilot partners11/18/9904/07/99
7Arrange for integration pilot partners to meet on a regular basis to develop the integration standards, process, and software.Greg Tudor11/18/9901/06/99
8Develop the Cadastral Framework 2 year strategic direction and potential budget package proposal. Greg Tudor, Carrie Wolfe06/15/99
9Add the parcel component to the cadastral data transfer standard. Greg Tudor06/15/9907/22/99
10Draft a state integration plan for the Cadastral Framework and circulate it for review before the next Cadastral Partner meeting in August.Greg Tudor06/15/9908/19/99
11Include specific reference in the state integration plan for continued technical and integration support of private partners by DNR, and the acceptance of private partner contributions.Greg Tudor08/19/99
12Include additional counties for consideration.Carrie Wolfe08/19/9909/13/99
13Work with DNR Land Survey to determine integrator staffing requirements.Greg Tudor08/19/9909/13/99
14Include fee and agency support options.Greg Tudor08/19/99
15Revise partner profile and expectations.Partners08/19/99
16Make revisions and send out the partnership agreement and on-line data agreement for partner review.Carrie Wolfe and Greg Tudor11/10/99
17Contact partners to get project contribution information and evaluation feedback.Greg Tudor11/10/99
18Contact partners to consider making framework data public.Greg Tudor11/10/99
19Forward NILS requirements meeting information when it comes out.Greg Tudor11/10/9911/18/99