Cadastral Framework Project

Snohomish County Integration Pilot

Meeting Agenda

April 7, 1999

NRB Room 363

Olympia, WA

9:00am Preliminary Business

Pilot Action Items


Overall Project Status

DNR conversion

Transfer standard

DNR AQR integration

BLM GCDB integration

Snohomish County integration

Longview Fibre integration

Clallam County integration

10:00am Data Transfer Standard

Review transfer standard

Features as denormalized shapes

Legal Description Area

Boundary Line

Corner Point

Feature IDs

Transfer ID

Framework ID in partner proprietary systems


Many to many relationship for corner class, boundary type

Accept transfer standard

Add framework id field to proprietary databases

Plan partner proprietary data conversions to data transfer standard




Plane Coordinate System

Unit of Measure

Plan data transfer standard conversions to partner proprietary database

11:30am Break

12:30pm Integration


One add or update at a time

Adds: no previous framework feature id

Updates: existing framework feature id

Short transaction

Select and mark area for project

Notify others of project area

Complete project work

Select and mark data set and area as checked out

Notify others of check out

Download and correlate feature ids to proprietary data

Determine which proprietary features to update from framework

Complete updates in proprietary data

Convert proprietary data to transfer standard

Upload updated data set

Check out data from resolution database

Validate data

Notify other provider and steward of conflicts

Resolve conflicts with steward key

Check in data to resolution database

Transfer resolution data to production database

Notify framework production users of check in

Integration database

ArcView Internet Map Server view of the integration database

AV IMS view of production database

Validation rules

Corner points

Boundary lines

Legal description areas

Access to integration database


Developer: DNR, BLM, Snohomish Co, Longview Fibre

Integrator: DNR


Surveys: BLM, DNR, Counties

Parcels: Counties, DNR, BLM

Administrative Areas: DNR?

Management Areas: individual agencies

Partner login identifier formats

blmx318 mtho318

snox318 ckie318

lfcx318 wsch318

dnrx318 gtud318

Plan integration database extract to transfer standard

Plan transfer standard loading to integration database

Plan integration database extract to production database

3:00pm Adjourn