WHEREAS, agencies are provided an opportunity to submit 2000 Supplemental Budget Requests to the Office of Financial Management to address emergent issues and opportunities; and

WHEREAS, five state agencies and two counties have requested that the IAC submit a joint supplemental budget request to improve geographic information system (GIS) -based public lands and growth management information through the Cadastral Framework Project; and

WHEREAS, the joint budget request establishes a cooperative GIS framework that will begin to fill critical gaps in statewide land ownership information using the latest technology, honoring legislative intent that the public lands inventory be shareable and updateable; and

WHEREAS, the joint budget request contributes to the vision of establishing a natural resources data infrastructure in Washington, a strategic direction identified by both the Governor's Joint Natural Resources Cabinet and Washington Geographic Information Council; and

WHEREAS, the joint budget request has been carefully and collaboratively constructed, maximizing the use of current resources and creating opportunities for long term lands record management savings and service and data quality improvements; and

WHEREAS, the budget is in conformance with the Office of Financial Management's budget instructions.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the IAC hereby approves the 2000 Supplemental Operating Budget request as presented;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Director is authorized to modify and update the amounts presented as necessary to meet the agency's operating budget needs or to comply with the Office of Financial Management budget instructions.

________________________Moved __________________________Seconded

September 23, 1999 Pass/Fail