Joint Supplemental Budget Request for the

Cadastral Framework Project

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet


What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

GIS is a computer-based tool for digitally mapping and analyzing data that has a geographic component (i.e. the data is tied in some way to a location on the land). The power of GIS lies in its ability to overlay multiple "layers" of information for analysis - often illuminating trends and issues that would otherwise not be apparent - and to illustrate the results graphically on maps.

What is cadastral data?

The term cadastral refers to information about the rights and interests in real property parcels including ownership, extent, and value of real property maintained for title registration and taxation purposes. In GIS systems, it is a "backbone" layer that other themes of data must tie to. Through its digital identification of survey monuments, township corners, and administrative boundaries, GIS-based cadastral data establishes a control network for geographic referencing.

What is Framework?

Framework is a concept that the federal government has developed and initiated through efforts of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). It involves a collaborative effort to create a widely available source of basic geographic data that is commonly needed by geographic data users. Framework includes three aspects: core data, procedures and technology for building and using the data, and institutional relationships and business practices that support the environment. Framework development seeks to reduce the duplication of effort in data collection and maintenance and increase data sharing capabilities.

Why are we trying to build a Framework for Washington?

We are building a Framework for Washington in order to:

Why can't we continue to use federal grant and partner contributions to fund this effort?

We will certainly continue to solicit funding for all themes of Framework data development through partner contributions and any grant opportunities that arise. However, the FGDC Framework Grant Program, from which we received two successful awards totaling $165,000, was revised last year to focus on metadata (information about data) development. Additionally, partner contributions are generally ad hoc and intermittent. These contributions have seeded Cadastral Framework efforts, but state leadership and funding is needed to accelerate Framework development and ensure long-term success.

What is the Area Integrator Role and why should it be fulfilled by the DNR?

The Area Integrator reviews partner data contributions and resolves discrepancies between partners' data sets. The Land Survey Section of the DNR has integrated land survey information from other sources into the DNR's GIS for the past 15 years under the guidance and supervision of the State Land Surveyor. Due to their experience and professional staff, they are a logical choice for fulfilling the role of Cadastral Framework Area Integrator. Filling this role would be an expansion of their current work duties and would require an additional staff position.

What are the deliverables of this supplemental budget request?

By November 1, 2000

By June 30, 2001

Why are we only working within two pilot counties for this supplemental budget request?

The next logical stage for developing the Cadastral Framework is to test the technical programs and business procedures that were developed for integrating partner data (within the initial Snohomish County pilot project). The testing should involve a GIS start-up county and a county with an established GIS cadastral database since both situations occur across the state. Based on what is learned, a long term strategy/plan will be developed to ensure future involvement from all counties and organizations with the desire and need to participate in the Cadsatral Framework. The two pilot counties (i.e. Spokane and Grant) were chosen based on the following criteria: 1) their enthusiasm for participating, 2) the location of key state agency landholdings with priority for GIS development, and 3) their central and eastern locations within the state.

What is the National Integrated Land System (NILS) Project and what is our involvement?

The NILS Project is a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and USDA Forest Service (USFS) sponsored effort to build cadastral data standards directly into GIS software. The DNR was invited to participate in this project as a representative of the Washington Cadastral Framework Project partners. Participation in this national project will afford a unique opportunity to integrate Washington's specific cadastral needs into this national project and influence the resulting GIS software.