Washington State

Department of Natural Resources

Supplemental Budget Request

September 1999


The Department of Natural Resources received two federal grants totaling $164,000 to conduct a technical feasibility study of developing a cadastral database, populating the database with initial data, integrating data from additional partners, and serving the database over the Internet. The initial data for the project was based on the DNR's own land ownership information which has been kept on its GIS since 1985 and is maintained by land surveyors. The Department of Natural Resources has spent $361,000 on the hardware and software development needed to complete both framework and related proprietary tasks. Partners in the Washington Cadastral Framework have made additional direct contributions of $40,000, and in-kind contributions of $149,000. Federal partners have pledged an additional $55,000 to be shared with the Washington Cadastral Framework.

Work Plan

The Department of Natural Resources will continue to fill the role of the framework integrator. The Land Survey Section of DNR has integrated land survey information from other sources into the DNR's GIS for the past 15 years and has agreed to provide those services for the Washington Cadastral Framework if a position is funded. As framework integrator, the DNR will review partner data contributions and resolve discrepancies between partners' data sets. Also, the DNR will provide technical support for the initial development of startup partner GIS databases and partner integration tools for migrating data in and out of the framework. The DNR will commit database and software development staff who are familiar with the Washington Cadastral Framework for partner support. Partners providing data to the framework database are committed to developing and supporting a conversion to and from their own databases and the data transfer standard format, extracting data from their databases on a regular basis, and validating their data before submission to the framework database. The DNR is requesting the total amount to fund its integrator position and support the applications for accessing and integrating the database.

Budget Detail

a. Hire and train a land survey technician to begin DNR's integrator role verifying data, coordinating with partners, and resolving conflicts. $66,000

b. Continue administrative support of the computer, the network, the framework database, and the Internet web server. $1,500

c. Continue development and maintenance support of the computer user interface application. $8,000

d. Continue development and maintenance of the data distribution application. $6,000