Cadastral Framework Project

Organizational Requirements

February 1998

Staff/Facility/Supply Requirements

For Phase 1 of the Cadastral Framework, existing staff, facilities, and supplies will be utilized. Phase 1 is considered to be a pilot of partner data integration. It will be a learning experience. When finished, we should have a much better feel for the amount of additional staff that may be needed for future phases. The two areas that may potentially need additional staff over the long term are Data Administration Section and the Land Survey Section. The Land Survey Section will take on the role of area integrator for the cadastral data that comes in from partner organizations. It is hoped that funding can be sought for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to staff one or two full time people here in the Land Survey Section to function as co-integrators in future phases.

In terms of help desk staff, the goal will be to provide as much on-line help as possible through the metadata and Internet Mapserver Software (IMS). The only help desk calls that should come in to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) would be to report system failures.

Preliminary Training Plan

Training will focus on two aspects of the project; the internal cadastral data use and updating application and the external framework data use and updating process. The strategy for internal users (also applies to DFW users) will be as follows;

1) Give a prewarning of new cadastral data physical model timeline

2) Notify DNRGIS users as soon as the new physical cadastral data model is complete. A minimum of 8-12 weeks notice should be given before POCA, PLS_PT, and MPL become static.

3) Mail out information packets to GIS Coordinators for distribution to cartographers. These packets may include the new physical model, crosswalking diagrams of old data to new data, and helpful hints on how to transition their workspace applications and data.

4) Train Land Survey Section Cartographer on new update application.

5) Through demonstrations at the fall DNRGIS User Meeting, train region and division GIS users in using the Cadastral Framework data.

The strategy for the external partner training on the Cadastral Framework will include the following;

1) Resources should focus on on-site training at each partner site. Training should include accessing the framework data for query, map making, or data download.

2) Training should also include the full update procedure for the framework. Whenever possible, local surveyors should be involved the this training at the partner sites.

3) Training on using the metadata will also be crucial. It will be made clear on-line and in the training sessions that calls to the DNR help desk should only be for system problems and not for data related questions. Data related questions should be referred to the contacts that will be listed in the appropriate metadata. The IMS software will have built in help.