Cadastral Framework Project - Phase One

Interface Requirements

March 1998

Administrative Interface Requirements

Verbal agreements and letters of commitment to the framework will be required for partnership. It is assumed that each partner will contribute cadastral data when it meets the developed cadastral framework data criteria. In-kind services or funding or a combination thereof will be a requirement for participation. Amounts of in-kind service hours and/or funding will vary per partner. It is expected that each partner will have different resource availability and constraints. For Phase 1, partners have been asked to contribute 50-150+ hours of in-kind services.

Data Interface Requirements

Data agreements will be drafted with each participating partner. These agreements will cover such things as roles and responsibilities, appropriate data use, data disclaimers, system operational requirements, business rules, and security parameters.

Shape files will be the general file format for data distribution from the framework. A conversion process from the framework data standards will have to take place for those partners who do not adopt like standards for their business data sets.

Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) compliant metadata will be required for all data contributions to the framework. This metadata will likely be built into the front-end of the framework system. However, it will need to be accessible throughout data queries (see metadata requirements section).

A data download warning will also be required. Each partner will have different Internet connection types. A pop-up warning will be required before a data download takes place. It is thought that this might be a menu with Internet connection types. The partner would select the connection type and a warning of time required to download the selected data would pop-up. For download time requirements over 30 minutes, off business hours should be used (6 pm to 6 am). When a download does takes place, a percent downloaded que and a continual option to exit are also requirements.

A mutually agreed upon disclaimer will be required in the system for on-line check off before framework data is made available for viewing, querying, or downloading. This check off is thought to be a menu selection indicating that the disclaimer has been read an understood.

Technology Interface Requirements


1. Use existing technology, as much as possible, to build the system.

2. Avoid imposing specific software or hardware requirements on the project partners.

In order to access and use the cadastral framework, partners need only have an Internet connection and a JAVA enabled browser. It is assumed that each partner will have some form of Geographic Information System (GIS) software.

Cadastral Framework Project - Phase One

Metadata Requirements

March 1998

The metadata for the Cadastral Framework Project must be compliant with FGDC Content Standard for Geospatial Metadata.

Data contact information is required for