To: Cadastral Partners

Date: 1999/11/23 6:20:46 PM

Subject: WA Cadastral Framework: final grant tasks and meeting minutes

Dear Partners:

Attached are several items from the meeting last week: minutes, action items, project status report, the State Integration Plan, the Supplemental Budget Request, the Partnership Agreement, the On-line Data Agreement, and a form for providing information on your contributions to the project. Please review the Partnership Agreement and the On-line Data Agreement to review the changes that we made to accomodate making data accessible to the general public and to extend the term of the project. Please put your time and expense information on the contribution form.

The last few tasks of the project are to put the full set of cadastral features on the Internet Map Server, package the data by county for download, assign logins to partners for direct read-access to the database, review and approve the partnership agreement, tally partner contributions for the grant funding match, and get partner feedback on the project. We would like to make the data public. I need to know what your concerns may be for opening up the data. I will be calling on partners next week to get direct feedback on the project.




Gregory S. Tudor, PLS

Washington Cadastral Framework Project Manager

Geographic Information Section

Department of Natural Resources

Washington State

P.O. Box 47020

Olympia, WA 98504-7020


voice: 360-902-1542

fax: 360-902-1790


Attachments: minutes, action items, project status report, Integration Plan, Supplemental Budget Request, Partnership Agreement, On-line Data Agreement, and contribution form