To: Cadastral Partners

Date: 1999/10/14 9:02:36 AM

Subject: WA Cadastral Framework Partnership meeting

Dear Partners:

I have set up the next Washington Cadastral Framework Partnership meeting for November 10, 1999, 3:00-5:00pm, in room 172 of the Natural Resources Building in Olympia. The cadastral meeting will immediately follow the Framework Management Group at the same location. Attached are the announcement and agenda for the meeting; these will be on the Framework Management Group calendar web site. (We are still having some problems with web site management tools.) The focus of the discussion will be the state of the Cadastral Framework while the Supplemental Budget is being decided by the legislature. We would like to open up the web site to everyone so that the value can be gauged, and I will contact you individually for discussion.

I am pleased to announce that the Supplemental Budget Request of $833,281.00 for extending the Washington Cadastral Framework has been reviewed by the IAC Board, which includes DFW, DNR, and PRC representatives, and is now being reviewed by the Office of Financial Management. The request, introduced by IAC, includes CTED, DFW, DNR, DOT, Grant County, PRC, and Spokane County. Please note that the Cadastral Partnership is being strengthened, not diminished, by this agreement, and that support of the partnership will continue to be provided to the best of our ability. Thanks go to Karl Herzog and Carrie Wolfe for coordinating the effort on developing the proposal.

Finally, papers describing the project have now been published with the ACSM journal Surveying and Land Information Systems, Volume 59, Number 3, September 1999 (copy attached), and the ESRI 1999 Conference Proceedings:




Gregory S. Tudor, PLS

Washington Cadastral Framework Project Manager

Geographic Information Section

Department of Natural Resources

Washington State

P.O. Box 47020

Olympia, WA 98504-7020


voice: 360-902-1542

fax: 360-902-1790


CC: Cadastral Project

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