September 16, 1998

TO: Washington Cadastral Framework Project (CFP) Partners

FROM: Carrie Wolfe, Framework Coordinator

Information Technology Division

SUBJECT: 2nd Draft Partnership Agreement and On-line Agreement

I would like to begin by announcing that Greg Tudor, who has been the Technical Lead during Phase 1 of the Cadastral Framework Project, has recently accepted the position of Cadastral Framework Project Manager. Though I will still remain associated to the project, as overall Framework Coordinator, Greg will now be the main project contact. He can be reached at phone: 360-902-1542 or email:

Sandra Bahr and I will continue to help with finalizing the Partnership Agreement for the project. Enclosed you will find the 2nd Draft. It has been reviewed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Attorney General Office (AGO). Please have your legal authorities review this version as soon as possible. We would like to wrap up any necessary changes within 30 days and have a final version out for signatures by the end of October 1998.

We have identified a procedure for signing the final version of the agreement. The final agreement will be mailed out with two signature pages. Each signature page will be signed by a legal binding authority for the DNR. Each partner organization will then need to have a representative with legal binding authority sign both signature pages. One signature page and the agreement will be kept by each partner and the other signature page will be sent back to DNR. A master copy of the agreement with all of the partner signature pages will be kept here at DNR.

I've also enclosed a copy of the current on-line agreement that is part of the Internet application. It has been provided to us by our AGO. Your legal authorities may review this document as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the Partnership Agreement or the on-line agreement at phone: 360-902-1639 or e-mail:


c: Larry Sugarbaker, GIS Manager

Greg Tudor, CFP Project Manager

Sandra Bahr, Framework Unit