July 22, 1998

TO: Washington Cadastral Framework Project (CFP) Partners

FROM: Carrie Wolfe, CFP Project Manager

Information Technology Division

SUBJECT: Cadastral Framework DRAFT Partner Agreements and Meeting Notices

As indicated in the status report I mailed out earlier this month, one of the tasks we have been working on is a Draft Partner Agreement for the Cadastral Framework participants. I was able to speak with many of you on the phone last week about some of the issues that surfaced in trying to define certain portions of the Draft Partner Agreement. Some of the issues we need to discuss as a group include; appropriate use of the Cadastral Framework data during Phase 1 and Phase 2 and beyond, and the potential need for a steering committee or advisory committee for the future of the project. There was definite interest in getting together as a group to discuss these issues. A meeting is scheduled for August 18th immediately following the Framework Management Group meeting (please see the enclosed meeting notice).

I have enclosed the Draft Partner Agreement for your review and input. Please note that this is just a draft and may change depending on Partner input. When finalized, the Partner Agreement will need to be signed by a person with authority to bind an organization to a legal agreement. Please provide written feedback to me regarding the Draft Partner Agreement (mail, e-mail, or fax) by August 7, 1998. I will summarize the input for discussion at the August 18th meeting.

A Partner training notice is also enclosed. This will be to train the Partners on the Internet data distribution application for Phase 1. The training is scheduled for September 3rd from 9:00am to 11:00am. We will be using the Washington Interactive Technologies (WIT) video conference sites for this training.


c: Larry Sugarbaker, GIS Manager

Greg Tudor, CFP Technical Lead