April 13, 1998

TO: Washington Cadastral Framework Project (CFP) Partners

FROM: Carrie Wolfe, CFP Project Manager

Information Technology Division

SUBJECT: Cadastral Framework Logical Model Review

A few weeks ago, I sent each of you some information regarding the Cadastral Framework Partner modeling session scheduled for April 22nd and 23rd here at the Natural Resource Building in Olympia. I stated that I would send you each a model and definitions to review prior to the scheduled session so that you could come prepared to meet the session objectives. Enclosed you will find two models. One is the DNR Cadastral Business Model and the other is the Framework Cadastral Model (from DNR's perspective). It is important that you understand that these models are still works-in-progress. They are not set in concrete, so to speak, at this point in time. We now need your input as to what is "framework" cadastral data from your point of view. We also need to find out if the entity relationships and attributes look appropriate. It is most important that you review the Framework Cadastral Model. In doing that, you may need to refer to the DNR Cadastral Business Model to understand how they work together.

There are a couple of other notes regarding the enclosed material. We used Oracle CASE Tools to develop the model. Each colored entity on the model has a particular meaning. Each relationship line has a particular meaning. A Legend has been included for your reference. Also, the definitions that are enclosed are not entirely complete. It was the best we could do in the time frame. I think they will be sufficient for the purposes of this review. Please bring the two data models and the definition report with you to the data modeling session.

Once again, please keep track of the time that you spend reviewing this material for in-kind hour tracking. Hope to see you soon!


c: Larry Sugarbaker, GIS Manager

Ron Holeman, Framework Coordinator

Greg Tudor, CFP Technical Lead