February 2, 1998

TO: Washington Cadastral Framework Project (CFP) Partners

FROM: Carrie Wolfe, CFP Project Manager

Information Technology Division

SUBJECT: Cadastral Framework Partner Narratives/Business Expectations

I have had a chance to speak with most of you on the phone over the last two weeks. As I mentioned in those conversations, I have been writing up some narratives describing each partner organization in the Cadastral Framework Project. I have enclosed these narratives for your review. There is a little background information on each organization along with some project expectations. I think you will find this information to be both informative and interesting.

Please review and send me any editing changes you may have regarding your particular organization narrative. See the enclosed note regarding training and help desk support requirements. I would like to receive all comments and changes by Friday,

February 20, 1998. I will then make all edits accordingly.

Thank you for your input.


c: Larry Sugarbaker, GIS Manager

Ron Holeman, Framework Coordinator

Greg Tudor, CFP Technical Lead