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Date: Mon, Apr 3, 2000 5:20 PM

Subject: Summary: WGA Cadastral Data and Policy Forum

The Western Governors Association Cadastral Data and Policy Forum (March 20-22, 2000) went well. It was an intensive three days of presentations, brain-storming, discussion, and prioritization. The forum was attended by a multi-disciplinary group of assessors, recorders, planners, surveyors, managers, and geographic information system technologists from federal, tribal, state, county, and city governments, and a few private organizations. Particularly impressive was the tribal representation at the forum, and also the cooperative spirit between the different professions and organizations. Discussion centered around an integrated approach to the cadastral business functions of land records, land surveys, land taxation, and land and resource management. Highlights of the forum were preparing a vision of ideal cadastral systems, and developing a list of priority actions for improving the quality and integration of cadastral business systems.

The notes and the priority actions from the forum can be found at:

I would like to extend my appreciation to the Washington State delegation which included: Andrew Kinney (Thurston County), Andy Gerst (WA Parks and Recreation Commission), Bob Carl (Clallam County), Brent Blair (US Bureau of Land Management), Cory Stolsig (US Bureau of Reclamation), Dave Steele (WA Department of Natural Resources), Ian Von Essen (Spokane County), Jack Shincke (WA Department of Fish and Wildlife), John McCauley (US Bureau of Land Management), and Lee Dowers (US Bureau of Reclamation). Jeff Holm (WA Department of Information Services) assisted with coordination of the delegation, and had 225 copies of the Washington Geographic Information Council's Strategic Plan sent to the forum for general distribution with the meeting materials. Ian Von Essen made a presentation on the Strategic Plan; and I made a presentation on the Washington Cadastral Framework, the Washington Council of County Surveyors control database and software, and Thurston GeoData local government partnership needs with the help of Andrew Kinney and Dave Steele.

I would also like to thank the organizations that were able to fill out the pre-conference surveys. These were included in the state and county profiles, and they were very helpful to forum organizers as background for the preparing the discussions.

If you have any questions or comments on the WGA Cadastral Data and Policy Forum, please let me know.




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