Administrative Land Area Input Document

May 4, 1998

Definition of Administrative Land Area for the Cadastral Framework:

An area of aquatic land or upland, with boundaries that are jurisdictional in nature, allowing a specified authority to be exercised over the use or purpose of that land. The boundaries of administrative land areas are set by law or by contract and do not change based on current land management theory.


Please put a check mark by the administrative areas listed below that would be of use to you as part of the Cadastral Framework. Then return this form by May 18th to:

Carrie Wolfe

WA Dept. of Natural Resources

Information Technology Division

PO BOX 47020

Olympia, WA 98504-7020

Administrative Land Areas:

Tribal Reservation Area

Military Reservation

Growth Management Area - (This is a generalized area of land that has been designated for a particular kind of land use within a Washington State County under the authority of the Growth Management Act. Categories are Urban, Rural, Resource-forest, Resource-agriculture, Resource-range, and Resource-mineral.)

Non-Wilderness Park Area (could be city, county, state, or federal park)

Bureau of Land Management Recreation Area

Wilderness Area

Wildlife Refuge Area

U.S. National Forest Area

Wild and Scenic River Area

Historic Park Area

Municipal Watershed Area

Monument Designation Area (national)

Fish Hatchery Area (This is not a point location of a facility. It is an area that is owned and administered as a fish hatchery area)

Habitat Conservation Plan Area (This does not include the different kinds of designations - just wether it is HCP Permit land or not)

Toxic and Hazardous Waste Sites (state and federal)

Natural Area Preserve

Natural Resource Conservation Area

Port District

Fire Protection District

Public Utility District

Irrigation Districts

Check any other Special Districts from the attached list that would be considered "framework" data (i.e. commonly needed and maintained).