PHASE 1 - September 1, 1997 to August 31, 1998

Test County Criteria/Test County Vote

Test County Selection Criteria:

1. Test county has to have at least three willing data providers from at least two levels of organizations (federal, state, local, private, tribal).

2. Test county does not have overly complex cadastral data.

3. Partner data integration "exercises" the FGDC data model.

4. Test county partnerships must meet phase1 objectives and timelines.

5. Test county assessor data for exempt and taxable lands resides on a geographic information system (GIS) that meets phase 1 accuracy and scale requirements.

6. The test county assessors office must have an interest in participating in the project.

Test County Candidate Vote:

Jefferson County _______yes ________no

Yakima County _______yes ________no

Mason County _______yes ________no

Other County (fill in)____________________________