Cadastral Framework Project

Snohomish County Integration Pilot

Meeting Agenda

July 22, 1999

NRB Room 184 (Cafeteria)

Olympia, WA

9:00am Preliminary Business

Pilot Action Items


Overall Project Status - Extension

National Integrated Land System Parcel Consortium

10:00am Data Transfer Standard

Features as denormalized shapes

Legal Description Area

Boundary Line

Corner Point

Parcel Area

Tabular only




Transfer ID

Transaction ID

Point ID

Boundary Line ID

Legal Description Area ID

Agent ID

Documentation ID

Parcel Area ID


Many to many relationship for corner class, boundary type

Plan partner proprietary data conversions to the data transfer standard

DNR conversion to the transfer standard (SQL)

BLM conversion to the transfer standard (AML)

Snohomish County conversion to the transfer standard (AML)

Create FW-Proprietary ID cross reference table for Non-PLS

11:30am Break

GIS Training Room 363

12:30pm Integration Process

Transaction (geographic definition)

Corner Points and related Boundary Lines and Legal Description Areas

Integration database

ArcView Internet Map Server view of the integration database

AV IMS view of production database

Validation rules

Corner points

Boundary lines

Legal description areas

Accessing the integration database


Provider: DNR, BLM, Snohomish County, Longview Fibre


Land Survey: BLM, DNR, Counties

Parcels: Counties, DNR, BLM

Documentation: Counties

Agents: State, Counties

Integrator: Counties

Administrator: DNR

Partner login identifier formats

blmx318 mtho318

snox318 ckie318

lfcx318 wsch318

dnrx318 gtud318

Pre-load validation by data provider - AML?

Pre-load validation by integrator - same AML

Loading transfer standard to integration database

Validation of production view of integration database

Extraction of integration database to transfer standard

3:00pm Adjourn