Charter and Bylaws

Effective June 30, 2004
As Revised on June 6, 2011


Article I. Name

The name of this association shall be the Washington State Geographic Information Council, hereafter referred to as WAGIC.


Article II. Purpose

The purpose of the Washington State Geographic Information Council (WAGIC) is to foster the advancement of the geospatial information infrastructure (data, people, technology and policy) and its use by federal, state, regional, local governments, tribal and private entities within and around Washington State.


Article III. Goals

The goals of WAGIC are as follows:

Section 1. Take an active leadership role to advise decision makers about the use and availability of geospatial information.

Section 2. Initiate activities to identify geospatial information needs.

Section 3. Actively sponsor the exchange of educational information about the geospatial information infrastructure.

Section 4. Ensure the development of consistent policies, standards, and guidelines for geospatial information.

Section 5. Assist the establishment of geospatial information partnership.

Section 6. Maintain a leadership role to promote geospatial information sharing.


Article IV. Membership

Section 1. Membership shall be limited to those sharing the purpose and goals of WAGIC as follows: Initial membership shall be those WAGIC members in attendance at the January 21, 1994, WAGIC meeting and shall include representation from state government, federal government, local government, tribes, nonprofits, private, and educational entities. Private entities are encouraged to participate in WAGIC meetings but only as a non-voting member.

Section 2. Responsibility of Members
It is the responsibility of each member, or his or her designated proxy, to be active in the WAGIC and to attend scheduled meetings.

Section 3. Reporting Structure
WAGIC Executive Committee and technical workgroups will serve as staff to the Information Services Boardís Sub-Committee on Geographic Information Technology (GIT). It is the responsibility of the GIT to assign staff to help support GIS efforts in the state.

Section 4. Definition of Members and Participants
Contributing Members: Eligible participants who contribute annually to the finances of WAGIC. Dues are typically used to cover expenses for video conferencing, WebEx meetings, National State Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) meeting participation, web site and listserv expenses.
Executive Committee: Contributing members plus other interested individuals make up this executive body. The Executive Committee meets monthly and votes on matters brought before the Committee.
WAGIC Staff: Staff assigned by Department of Information Services (DIS) to provide administrative support to WAGIC (budget tracking, billing, scheduling meetings, etc).


Article V. Executive Officers

Section 1. Executive Officers: The Executive Officers of WAGIC shall be a Chair, Chair-Elect, and the Executive Committee. The Chair-Elect shall serve the first two years as Chair-Elect, the second two years as Chair.

A. Chair: The Chair shall be the principal officer of WAGIC and shall preside at meetings of WAGIC. The Chair shall perform such duties as are necessary to conduct the business of the office of Chair or as may be prescribed by WAGIC. The Chair shall be a member ex-officio, including voting privileges, of all Committees. The Chairís term of office shall commence upon adjournment of the July Meeting and shall expire two years later upon adjournment of the July Meeting. Consecutive terms as Chair shall not be permitted.

 B. Chair-Elect: A Chair-Elect shall be elected every two years. The Chair-Elect shall have such duties as the Chair of WAGIC may assign, and may be delegated by the Chair to perform duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair's temporary disability or absence from meetings, or other duties as delegated. The Chair-Elect shall be a member ex-officio, including voting privileges, of all committees. The Chair-Electís term of office shall commence upon adjournment of the July meeting and shall expire two years later upon adjournment of the July meeting. The Chair-Elect shall then assume the office of Chair.

C. Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is comprised of contributing members, WAGIC staff, the Chair and Chair-Elect. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the past Chairs may apply for membership to the Executive Committee for two year terms upon approval of the majority of its members. The Committee has full voting rights on WAGIC matters brought before the Committee at its monthly executive meetings. Others interested in WAGIC matters are encouraged to participate as non-voting members.


Article VI. Elections

 Section 1. Nominations:

A. The Executive Committee and WAGIC staff will conduct WAGIC nominations every two years.

B. WAGIC staff will submit A Call for Nominations by email to Executive members no later than sixty (60) days before an election.

C. Regular Elections shall be held prior to the July meeting of WAGIC.

D. The usual office open for regular election in any two year cycle are the Chair-Elect.

E. To the extent possible, the slate of candidates shall reflect a balanced geographic distribution of regions in the state.

F. At least one candidate shall be nominated for each open office.

G. To be considered eligible for election, a candidate must be a member in good standing and agree to serve if elected.

H. Nominations shall close fifteen (15) days prior to the election date.

I.Should the Chair-Elect position become vacant mid-term the Chair shall call for a special election to fill the position. The special election call for nominations shall be no later than thirty (30) days prior to the election.

J. Should the Chair position become vacant mid-term, the Chair-Elect will assume the Chair position and Section I procedure would be used to fill Chair-Elect position.

 Section 2. Election Procedures:

A. The Executive Committee and WAGIC staff shall have the responsibility to collect candidate information and develop the voting ballot.

B. Each Committee voting member shall cast one ballot for each slate of candidates. Voting responses from voting Members shall be submitted by email, prior to the close of elections. If more than one ballot is cast by a Member organization, and WAGIC staff cannot determine which ballot the Lead Delegate submitted, all votes by that organization shall be declared null and void. The WAGIC staff shall have the responsibility to oversee that elections are carried out in a democratic and fair manner, without bias or favoritism toward any candidate, and in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws.

Section 3. Election Results: The incoming Chair-Elect shall be determined by a majority of votes cast by the voting Executive Committee members. In the case of a tie vote, the WAGIC staff shall immediately call for a run-off election. WAGIC staff shall certify the election results and shall publicly announce the winning candidates during the July meeting.


Article VII. Meetings

Section 1.General meetings of the WAGIC shall be held on a quarterly basis at a time and place selected by WAGIC. Notice of general meetings shall be sent to the membership via WAGIC listserv and made available to interested parties via its website.

Section 2. Additional meetings of the membership may be called by the Chair, DIS, or by five WAGIC members. Notice of such meetings shall be sent to the membership at least 20 days prior to the selected date.


Article VIII. Administration

Section 1. DIS will be the administrative agent for WAGIC. DIS or those so designated by the Chair, with the concurrence of WAGIC, are authorized to represent WAGIC to other organizations.

Section 2. The Chair, with WAGIC's concurrence, will appoint work group Chairs. The work group Chair may be a WAGIC member or any other person who the WAGIC Chair feels is interested and committed to leading the work group. The WAGIC Chair may appoint work group Co-Chairs when a strong interest is shown in cooperatively leading a work group. The work group Chair will then appoint work group members.

Section 3. DIS shall prepare agendas, send meeting notices, and keep a video recording of the proceedings of meetings.

Section 4. DIS shall keep correct and complete books and records of the decisions and actions of WAGIC.

Section 5. DIS shall handle WAGIC's correspondence.


Article IX. Dissolution and Distribution of Assets

Section 1. WAGIC may be dissolved upon two-thirds vote of its membership.

Section 2. In the event WAGIC is dissolved, the books, records, and any other assets will be distributed as soon as practical to DIS.


Article X. Quorum and Amendments

Section 1. A quorum is established when five or more members of WAGIC, or their designated proxies, are present in a meeting of WAGIC. Attendees at video conferencing of a WAGIC meeting will be considered present in a meeting.

Section 2. For the purpose of making decisions, a majority of affirmative votes including designated proxies, on an issue will determine WAGIC's position.

Section 3. These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority of the membership, including proxies. Members shall be notified of proposed changes in the bylaws at least 20 days prior to the meeting to vote on them.


Article XI. Parliamentary Procedure

Section 1. ††The rules of procedure at meetings of WAGIC and work groups shall be informal as led by the Chair, but Robert's Rules of Order (Revised) may be invoked at any time by a majority vote of the members.


Article XII. Obligations and Expenses

Section 1.Individual obligations and expenses for participation in WAGIC shall be borne by each member's agency or organization.

Section 2. DIS shall coordinate and administer funding for state geospatial coordination.

Section 3. WAGIC shall recommend geospatial activities to DIS for funding.