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Agency Code Contact Email Phone Website
Department of Agriculture AGR Perry Beale 360-951-9098 Link
Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation AHP Morgan McLemore 360-586-3081 Link
Department of Ecology ECY Dan Saul 360-407-6419 Link
Department of Fish and Wildlife DFW Brian Fairley 360-902-2350 Link
Department of Health DOH Craig Erickson 360-236-4271 Link
Department of Natural Resources DNR Brad Montgomery 360-902-1532 Link
Department of Revenue DOR George Alvarado 360-596-3790 Link
Department of Social and Health Services DSHS Steve Leibenguth 360-902-0742 Link
Department of Transportation DOT Alan Smith 360-596-8925 Link
Office of the Chief Information Officer OCIO Joy Paulus 360-902-3447 Link
Office of Financial Management OFM Thomas Kimpel 360-902-0596 Link
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction OSPI Cathy Walker 360‐725‐6126 Link
Military Department MIL Rick Geittmann 253-512-8884 Link
Puget Sound Partnership PSP Jennifer Burke 360-464-2009 Link
Recreation and Conservation Office RCO Greg Tudor 360-902-3018 Link
Utilities and Transportation Commission UTC Rey Dejos 360-664-1248 Link
Washington State Redistricting Commission . . . . Link

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact about getting an account on the state's Geospatial Portal in order to use/publish data? Contact Joy Paulus for more information.
  • How do I find more information about GIS Initiative and data efforts in Washington? Go to the OCIO's Geospatial Program Office website
  • How do I get access to WAMAS or have a layer added to the Washington Location Finder Service in WAMAS? Contact Joy Paulus for more information.
  • Who do I contact about getting a data layer added to the Data Catalog or Applications Catalog? Contact your agency's GIS representative or contact Tom Kimpel who maintains the master list.
  • Who do I contact about pricing for Esri software? See the DES master contracts page for more information.

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Making government geospatial data work better for its citizens...


Citizens of Washington are entitled to see government work efficiently and effectively. In order to do this, all governmental entities need to work together to ensure that taxes are levied properly, voters are assigned to the right districts, and business permits are processed correctly the first time.


Legal responsibility for the collection and maintenance of much of the valuable data we use resides with the city and counties. The state often collects local government data and consolidates that data in support of state business. 


This website and this page are here to help inform all levels of government about the tools, resources and data that are available to all of us.  

  • County Boundary Update Process for state & local government - provides directions on how to aggregate and update existing state county boundary data
  • Listing of federal, state, regional and local data providers
  • Washington state Data Disclaimer Template
  • high-level overview of how we publish imagery and data to the Geospatial Portal.
  • Interested in publishing your metadata to the states clearinghouse and to GOS? Details on how to do this are listed under the Metadata tab
  • Need access to Secure File Transport (SFTP) services? It's available for no charge by asking. For more documentation on the service please review the users guide.
  • Need a place to share large data sets and work on them collaboratively? We have access to a secure  Box account. There is no charge and we have unlimited space. What to map a drive letter to Box? You'll find some helpful hints here.
  • Need access to better addresses, or are you building an address points layer, or want to improve the ones you have? We have WAMAS API services that you can use for free.
  • Want a place where you can host your imagery data and or data services for free? We can do that for any city or county as long as we all can use it. Here is what we presently have online as REST services.
  • Interested in building aggregated regional and state data layers together? We can do that ... just like what we did in the NE Regional Pilot Project using Box and Kerika which are available for collaborative efforts like this.
  • Want to share information or to seek help from the GIS user community? Then sign up to the WAGIC LISTSERV. It will reach over 450 users with your questions or announcements.
  • Have other ideas on how we can work together better? Drop Joy Paulus an email at