Agency Contacts

Agency Code Contact Email Phone Website
Department of Agriculture AGR Perry Beale 360-951-9098 Link
Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation AHP Morgan McLemore 360-586-3081 Link
Department of Ecology ECY Dan Saul 360-407-6419 Link
Department of Fish and Wildlife DFW Brian Fairley 360-902-2350 Link
Department of Health DOH Craig Erickson 360-236-4271 Link
Department of Natural Resources DNR Brad Montgomery 360-902-1532 Link
Department of Revenue DOR George Alvarado 360-596-3790 Link
Department of Social and Health Services DSHS Steve Leibenguth 360-902-0742 Link
Department of Transportation DOT Alan Smith 360-596-8925 Link
Office of the Chief Information Officer OCIO Joy Paulus 360-902-3447 Link
Office of Financial Management OFM Thomas Kimpel 360-902-0596 Link
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction OSPI Cathy Walker 360‐725‐6126 Link
Military Department MIL Rick Geittmann 253-512-8884 Link
Puget Sound Partnership PSP Jennifer Burke 360-464-2009 Link
Recreation and Conservation Office RCO Greg Tudor 360-902-3018 Link
Utilities and Transportation Commission UTC Rey Dejos 360-664-1248 Link
Washington State Redistricting Commission . . . . Link