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The Applications Catalog contains links to all public-facing interactive mapping applications developed/maintained by state agencies in Washington. 



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  • Last updated: 2017-03-21.


Agency Description Launch App Metadata Topic 1 Metadata Topic 2 Metadata Topic 3 Website
AGR Agricultural Land Use AGR IBM CAD
AHP Archaeological Sites by County SOC . .
AHP Washington Information System for Architectural and Archaeological Records Data (WISAARD) SOC CAD .
AHP Historic General Land Office Plat Maps SOC CAD .
DFW Fish Passage Barrier Map BIO ENV STR
DFW Marine Bird Density Atlas BND BIO .
DFW Priority Habitats and Species (PHS) on the Web BND BIO .
DFW Salmon Conservation Reporting Engine (SCoRE) BND BIO .
DFW SalmonScape BND BIO .
DFW Off-Channel Habitat Inventories BND BIO .
DNR Aquatics, Marine Spatial Planning ENV OCN .
DNR Aquatics, Marine Vegetation Atlas ENV OCN .
DNR Aquatics, Puget Sound Eelgrass Monitoring Data Viewer ENV OCN .
DNR Forest Practices, Forest Practices Application Mapping Tool ENV ECN .
DNR Geology, Coal Mine Map Collection GEO . .
DNR Geology, Earth Resource Permit Locations GEO . .
DNR Geology, Geothermal Resources of Washington GEO . .
DNR Geology, Natural Hazards GEO SOC .
DNR Geology, Seismic Scenarios Catalog GEO . .
DNR Geology, Subsurface Geology Information System GEO . .
DNR Geology, Tsunami Evacuation Map GEO SOC .
DNR Geology, Washington Interactive Geologic Map GEO . .
DNR Lease Opportunity Viewer AGR ECN .
DNR Recreation, Where to Go GEO SOC .
DNR Wildfire, Burn Risk Map ENV SOC BND
DNR Wildfire, Fire Prevention and Fuel Management Mapping System ENV SOC BND
DOH Recreational Shellfish Harvesting HLT OCN ENV
DOH Commercial Shellfish Harvesting HLT OCN ENV
DOH Healthcare Associated Infections HLT . .
DOH Child Immunizations HLT . .
DOH Dead Bird Reporting HLT ENV .
DOH Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) HLT WAT ENV
DOH Washington Tracking Network HLT . .
DOH Agency Coordination Center HLT . .
DOH EMS and Trauma Response Areas HLT . .
DOR Tax Rate Lookup Tool, Sales and Use Tax Rates ECN BND SOC
DOT Ferry VesselWatch TRN STR .
DOT Functional Classification Map TRN STR .
DOT GeoPortal TRN STR .
DOT Interchange Viewer TRN STR .
DOT Online Map Center TRN STR .
DOT State Route Web Tool (SRweb) TRN STR .
DOT Survey Monument Database Map LOC ELV .
DOT Traffic Data Geoportal TRN STR .
DSHS DSHS Regions HLT . .
DSHS Support Network Regions HLT . .
DSHS DSHS Nursing Homes HLT STR .
DSHS DSHS Adult Family Homes HLT STR .
DSHS DSHS Assisted Living Facilities HLT STR .
ECY Coastal Atlas Map WAT OCN ENV
ECY Coastal Atlas, Flood Hazard WAT OCN ENV
ECY Coastal Atlas, Public Beaches WAT OCN ENV
ECY Coastal Atlas, Shoreline Photos WAT OCN ENV
ECY Coastal Atlas, Swimming Beach Closures HLT OCN ENV
ECY Facility/Site WAT ENV HLT
ECY Oil Spill Planning Information ENV UTL ECN
ECY Washington State Well Log Viewer WAT GEO ENV
ECY Water Quality Atlas WAT ENV HLT
ECY Water Resources Explorer WAT ENV .
LEG Find Your District & Legislators BND SOC .
PARK Washington State Parks Maps and Reservations SOC ECN BND
PSP Puget Sound Recovery Atlas ENV BIO .
RCO Contact Map, Salmon Recovery Grants Manager SOC BIO .
RCO Contact Map, Salmon Recovery Region/Lead Entity SOC BIO .
RCO Public Lands Inventory CAD SOC .
RCO Washington Water Cruiser TRN STR .
RCO Washington State Trails TRN SOC .
UTC Solid Waste Certificates UTL . .
UTC Pipeline Safety Map Viewer UTL TRN .